Saturday, 17 December 2011


ISPR exposes propaganda reports spread by Americans saying that Gen. Kayani & Commander ISAF Gen. Allen discussed lifting of ban on Supply routes.

Rawalpindi – December 14, 2011:
 No PR298/2011-ISPR
During telephonic conversation between General Jhon Allen and General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on 12 December 2011, the issue of reopening up of NATO supply route never came under discussion as has been highlighted in the statements of Commander ISAF.
It would be appreciated that unnecessary speculation in this regard is avoided.


As an American visitor in the power precincts of Pakistan, from the gated enclaves of Islamabad to the manicured lawns of the military garrison in Peshawar, from the luxury fortress of the Serena Hotel to the exclusive apartments of the parliamentary housing blocks, you can expect three time-honored traditions: black tea with milk, obsequious servants and a profound sense of grievance.

Talk to Pakistani politicians, scholars, generals, businessmen, spies and journalists — as I did in October — and before long, you are beyond the realm of politics and diplomacy and into the realm of hurt feelings. Words like “ditch” and “jilt” and “betray” recur. With Americans, they complain, it’s never a commitment, it’s always a transaction. This theme is played to the hilt, for effect, but it is also heartfelt.

“The thing about us,” a Pakistani official told me, “is that we are half emotional and half irrational.”


 A petition has been filed in LHC against American Puppet President Zardari to stop him from performing his “duties”.

Counsel for the petitioner, Advocate Azhar Sidique took the stance in the Lahore high court against Stooge President Zardari’s statement regarding implementation of Article 47 in which the President said if the article applied, his next election manifesto would be ‘ main nahin manta’ (I don’t accept).

The petitioner said that this statement of President Zardari was blatantly violating the constitution. He prayed the court to issue orders to stop President Zardari from performing his duties and take all protocols back from him.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Predictions by Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]The game changing and decisive events are unfolding at almost breathtaking pace in Pakistan. Pakistan army and the nation have stood up to defy and shock the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Within the country, the corrupt head of the PPP regime Zardari flees to Dubai for “treatment” after a “heart attack”. 

Pakistan army is in charge of the country’s national security issues with the PPP government totally in panic and confusion. Pak army has taken most firm and hostile stand against the US calling the attacks “deliberate”, “part of a plot” and to support the TTP insurgents. These are the most damning allegations from the Pakistan army yet against the US forces in last 10 years of “alliance”. 

So, it is not just the blockade of NATO supplies that is hurting US tremendously. They have been forced to vacate the Shamsi airbase also which they had been using under a farcical diplomatic arrangement between UAE and Pakistan. This base was not just for the operations within Pakistan but was also being used against Iran and for spying on Pakistan’s nuclear facilities through their newest “stealth” drone which could not be easily detected by Pakistani radars. While the new contract for supplies is being debated, this is an irrevocable damage done already to the entire US war plans against Pakistan and Iran. Iranians are extremely pleased indeed. Iranians suspect that the drone which they had shot down recently was most probably flown out of Shamsi. Ejection from Shamsi is a major setback indeed for the CIA. 

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pakistan has decided to shot down Drones. US Media

Washington ... According to U.S Media reports Pakistan have decided to shot down Violation of Foreign Laws drones. And according to a American T.V it is said by a senior Pakistani personnel officer that Pakistan has recently made a new Defence Policy. Due to this policy all the crafts who violated the Foreign Laws will shot down in the northern areas.And Pakistan will not accept any kind of Violation of Foreign Laws.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Iran releases video of downed U.S. spy drone–looking intact

Iran's Press TV on Thursday broadcast an extended video tour of the U.S. spy drone that went down in the country--and it indeed appeared to look mostly intact.

American officials have acknowledged that an unmanned U.S. reconnaissance plane was lost on a mission late last week, but have insisted that there is no evidence the drone was downed by hostile acts by Iran. Rather, they said, the drone likely went down because of a malfunction, and they implied the advanced stealth reconnaissance plane would likely have fallen from such a high altitude--the RQ-170 Sentinel can fly as high as 50,000 feet--that it wouldn't be in good shape.

Monday, 5 December 2011

President Obama And Osama Bin Ladin Are Same - Shocking News !!

Kayani Suspends “Chain-of-Command” in Case of Aggression And Warning To NATO.

Gen. Kayani Suspends “Chain-of-Command” in Case of AggressionAccording to the latest news feeds pouring in from Rawalpindi, the Pakistani Army Chief has suspended the regular chain-of-command system and all forward operating units have been ordered to retaliate in case of aggression from the eastern border with Afghanistan. The implementation of this order allows Pakistan Army units based at checkpoints along the Afghan border to retaliate in case of any NATO/US incursions without seeking permission from the military high command.

Pakistan had recently blocked the NATO supply routes into Afghanistan due to the unprovoked NATO/US attack on a Pakistani checkpost which left 25 soldiers dead. Relations between the two forces have been tense since the attack and NATO’s belligerent behaviour has left it in a dangerous Afghanistan with an evenly irked nuclear powered neighbour.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Pakistan planes would have engaged NATO in attack: Army

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s military said on Friday a communications breakdown prevented its air force from engaging NATO aircraft when they attacked two border outposts and killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.
The November 26 strike near the Afghan border has sparked fury in Pakistan and further complicated US-led efforts to ease a crisis in relations with Islamabad and stabilise the region before foreign combat troops leave Afghanistan in 2014.
In a statement on its public relations website, Pakistan’s military, which sets foreign and security policy, said that its response to the Nato strike could have been more effective had it been able to scramble its aircraft in time.
“The response could have been more effective if PAF (Pakistan Air Force) had also joined in. However, it was no fault of PAF,” the statement said.

Friday, 2 December 2011

The time is almost Over ! Heed these Warnings

The time is now almost over. The system of Kufr and Dajjal will wage wars globally while their own societies and governments also collapse at home. The entire Middle East is a theatre of war and more violence will begin from this Moharram. There is great Khair in this for the believers and the Mujahideen as for them - living or dying would mean Ghazi or shaheed. All those politicians, analysts, thinkers and Ulama who are preaching you democracy, media anarchy, sectarianism, provincialism, ethnic and linguistic differences would perish and are the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). 

We will not argue nor offer any explanations or excuses. We have given our azaan. Those who made fun of it will now pay for it. Those who respected it and did tauba will be blessed, InshAllah. Listen to this Naseeha and if you have hearts and soul, abide by it. 

Time for tauba is still there but the window is closing fast. InshAllah, we will live with dignity and die with honor! We will reach the gates of Delhi and will form the USI but it will require greatest of sacrifices and sincerity to Rasul Allah (sm). May Allah have mercy upon Ummat e Rasul Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen.

Why We Love Pak Armed Forces ?

You want to know why we love and defend our army and ISI? Listen to this with your hearts and soul and join the Lashkar of Ghazwa e Hind! This is the moment in history for which Ummah has walted for centuries. Do NOT miss the caravan. The battle has begun. Do not be left behind. The shaheeds in this war are the greatest of shaheeds and the Ghazi's are the finest in the Ummah! Enemy wants to divide the naiton and the army. Every snake in media and politics is attacking the army. Be careful and do not join the ranks of those who are on the wrong side of history! These warnings will not come to again and again. Tikme for accontabulity and severe retribution is close now! Allahu Akbar! We have made our choice. We are in the army of Rasul Allah (sm)! alhamdolillah !!

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