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PAF Saab-2000 Erieye AEW&C Aircraft AT Dubai Air Show

                                  PAF Saab-2000 Erieye AEW&C Aircraft

Drunk Haqqani revealed 362 US targets, to Kill entire Army Leadership

By:  Mohammad Malick
Editor The News, Islamabad.
At the time of writing these lines, the all-powerful civil-military tribunal had yet to hold its promised huddle with Ambassador Haqqani. Surely, he will be asked to resign but while his inevitable resignation must not be taken as being tantamount to his admission of guilt, it does highlight the fatal consequence of state representatives confusing themselves with the state itself. The expected resignation will not mark the culmination of a raging controversy but signal the beginning of silent and far more meaningful changes.

According to informed sources, armed with highly incriminating communication data evidence, the non-civilian part of the power equation has already worked out a national charter of demands in which Haqqani’s removal is a minimum starter. Word has it that the military establishment, while weary of seeking any direct role is also conscious of the public sentiment of being held responsible for helping the marauding government stay in the saddle. It wants the system to work without stepping in, if possible. A middle ground may yet be found in case Haqqani is made to walk his resignation talk and the matters reach level two. In such an eventuality and still holding a smoking gun, in the first phase the Rawalpindi chaps may ask the government to cause massive changes in top managements of various state institutions and corporations being headed by known incompetent and corrupt government cronies. If this covert effort of restoring some sanity to governance fails then we could well see a renewed effort to find out the accomplices in this dirty-memo case. You get it, right?

Iran arrests 12 CIA spies accused of targeting nuclear programme in league with the Mossad

Iran arrests 12 CIA spies accused of targeting nuclear programme in league with the MossadThe Telegraph
Parviz Sorouri, who sits on the powerful committee of foreign policy and national security, that the alleged agents had been operating in co-ordination with Israel’s Mossad and other regional agencies, and targeted the country’s military and its nuclear programme.
“The U.S. and Zionist regime’s espionage apparatuses were trying to damage Iran both from inside and outside with a heavy blow, using regional intelligence services,” Sorouri was quoted as having said on Wednesday.

“Fortunately, with swift reaction by the Iranian intelligence department, the actions failed to bear fruit,” Mr Sorouri said.

The lawmaker did not specify the nationality of the alleged agents, nor when or where they had been arrested.

Traitor Hussain Haqqani’s resignation and the Aftermath

As the memogate episode continues, the American appointed stooge ambassador of Pakistan for USZ Mr. Hussain Haqqani resigns on the pressure imposed by Pakistan Army in the meeting between the puppet government and Pakistan Army leadership last night. Mr. Haqqani is the same person who issued visas without the consent of ISI to several hundreds of Americans one of whom is commonly known as Raymond Davis, the murderer of three innocent Pakistanis.

It is very critical that this is the only memo that came in the spotlight as one of the characters involved in it exposed it. There needs to be an investigation into the entire track record of Mr.Haqqani who has been a mouthpiece of USZ foreign office throughout pretty much his entire career over many issues and it is told by he himself that he had very cordial relations with Mike Mullen, the same USZ commander who issued threats to Pakistan few months ago when CIA and ISI were at daggers drawn over the issue of hypothetically fabricated terror hype of so called “Haqqani network”. It is very important that a traitor like him should not be let go by just a resignation but he should be challenged in a military court as military courts can deal with any type of case in which a conspiracy against Pakistan Army is planned.

PAF MFI-395 Super Mushshak Gets Glass Cockpit

Pakistan has upgraded the MFI-395 Super Mushshak with a completely new integrated glass cockpit instead of traditional style of analog dials and gauges.. The Super Mushshak is a basic trainer aircraft which is offered to the International Military and commercial customers. by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC).

The Super Mushshak features two large multi-function displays, one each for the pilot and co-pilot. It is on the static line next to the JF-17 fighter. 

Britain’s Royal Navy frigate sent to Libya with four missiles

The Telegraph
Royal Navy officers said HMS Westminster was “dangerously under-defended” when it was called on to patrol close to the Libyan port city of Benghazi in March.
The warship can carry 32 Seawolf and eight Harpoon missiles but it is understood that military cutbacks left the Westminster and its crew of 190 with only a fraction of that capability.
As Seawolf missiles — which are used to intercept incoming missiles — are fired in pairs, sources said the Westminster had just two rounds to defend against missile attacks from Col Muammar Gaddafi’s forces.
In another recent admission, the Royal Navy said it was unable to spare a warship to guard British waters for the whole of October after last year’s defence cuts.
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