Thursday, 4 August 2011

Connection Between Nepal Police And Indian RAW Operative Subrat Das Exposed

If one recalls, the Government of Nepal had formed a probe commission some four months back to investigate the gun firing at an imprisoned media-house owner right inside the tightly guarded central jail in Kathmandu by an armed Indian contract killer.

Younus Ansari who is currently serving imprisonment for possessing fake Indian currency notes was fired bullets from a close range by an armed Indian contract killer, Jasjit Singh.

The police investigation had revealed that Manmeet Singh Bhatiya alias Jasjit Singh was a resident of Kanpur (Cawnpore) Road of Lucknow, India.

More than one month has already passed since the commission headed by Deputy Attorney General Prem Raj Karki and Additional Inspector General of Police Kuber Singh Rana as its member, had submitted a detailed investigation report to the ministry of home affairs.

But the government has neither made the investigation report public nor has it taken any steps towards penalizing the culprits.

The Jana Aastha Weekly, August 3, 2011 reveals quoting home ministry sources, “If the report is made public not only the incidents of such sorts will happen more frequently but it will also affect Nepal-India relations.”
Thus the report has been kept a secret.

The Weekly news paper writes further referring to the report (presumably leaked by some nationalist home ministry officials), “Just before the incident took place, Subrat Das- the station in charge of RAW had visited the central jail to meet the then jailer Prem Bahadur Bhandari and Deputy Superintendent of Police Birendra Basyal. With the support of DSP Basyal, Subrat Das had been holding long discussions with Charles Shobraj several times in the past”.

Charles Shobraj Gurmukh-the international criminal with Indian roots is serving imprisonment in the central jail since 2003.

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) was formed during the dictatorial rule of Late Indira Gandhi mainly to foment instability in the neighbouring countries.

The report also discloses, “As per the plan and with direct involvement of police officials at the central jail on March 10, 2011, the armed Indian contract killer was allowed to enter the meeting room.”

“Manmeet was allowed to enter the prison to meet Charles Shobraj”.

The investigation report clearly indicates that Superintended of Police Subodh Ghimire too shared close ties with Subrat Das. Currently, Ghimire is posted at the Anti-Terrorism Cell at the Police Headquarters.

Ansari who survived the attack was immediately hospitalized and received treatment for the bullet injuries.

After being discharged from a local hospital, Ansari had told that India’s notorious intelligence agency, RAW was right behind the attack.

To recall, the Indian RAW operative Subrat Das came to the media attention after threatening a Unified Maoists Party Constituent Assembly member, Ram Kumar Sharma.

Almost a year back, Sharma talking to a local television channel had claimed that his life was threatened by Subrat Das of the Indian Embassy.

Mr. Das enjoys a counsellor rank.

Sharma had also alleged that Ambassador Rakesh Sood too had personally made him a telephone call and warned him for his activities in influencing the Madhesi parties to vote in favor of Maoists’ Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal in the prime ministerial election.

Analysts hope that the Indian Home Minister, P. Chidambaram will read this story and then make his views clear when he will meet another set of Nepali journalists invited by Nepal desk Chief Akhilesh Mishra.

The problem creator is shifting the blame onto the head of others.

Jan Aastha is a popular weekly in Nepal.

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