Saturday, 12 November 2011

Azmat Class Fast Attack Craft For The Pakistan Navy

The Pakistan Navy is slated to receive its first Azmat Class Fast Attack Craft (FAC) from China in within 6 months. These boats are not to be confused with the older Azmat class which are less than half the tonnage and are significantly less capable ships. The Azmat class will be the first stealth FACs in the Subcontinent. They will be superior in every way to the Indian Navy counterparts. To date however, only two such ships have been ordered. A follow on order for two more are also likely. 

Of the two boats ordered, one is being built in China and another is being built in Pakistan. These boats are well-armed although somewhat lacking in air defense, a typical problem with smaller boats of this type. The ships are designed to have both a defensive and offensive capability. Herein lies the advantage of these boats - with many Indian ports within 200 miles of Pakistan, the Azmat Class's 500 nautical mile range and 110 mile C-802 range makes these boats an effective threat along with her traditional defensive coastal role. The ship is further equiped with a modern networked C4I system that will be a force multiplier in terms of network-centric warfare, utilizing the sensors of other ships, aircraft and PN assets.

Israeli Security Websites Crash After Anonymous Threat

On Friday, Anonymous accused Israel of engaging in “piracy on the high seas” after the Israeli navy intercepted the latest flotilla heading for Gaza and warned that it would “strike back”.

Today the following Israeli government websites crashed: Shin Bet, Mossad, IDF, IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, Health Ministry, Justice Ministry, Construction and Housing Ministry, Science and Sport’s Ministry, the President’s Residence, Immigration Authority, the Israel Land Administration and Israel Atomic Energy Commission.

Afghan Taliban Expose US Terrorism

Speaker: Saeed Rahmatullah Hasmi — Organizer: MSA (Muslim Students Association) — Date: March 10, 2001 — Location: University of Southern California, USA

I say Assalam to Khadim-e-Islam Amir-ul-Maomineen Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid

Its a fight of my faith…nothing else

He did not surrender to cursed one like bush

He lives bravely on high mountains

A subtle way to denigrate Pakistan

In his article captioned ‘A Pakistan-China nexus’, Ashfaque Ali has referred to a report carried by English daily about Chinese plans to set up bases in Pakistan. China has already rejected such mendacious reports and statements about Chinese troops in Gilgit-Baltistan and/or Azad Kashmir, and categorically declared that it has no plans to deviate from its proclaimed policy of non-interference in other countries. The writer then tried to create confusion by stating: “Some recent developments in China may make people wonder if the stage has been set for a Chinese military role inPakistan”. The author concocts the story that the Chinese are insisting on its enhanced military presence on Pakistan, and then infers from it that such a situation could impel India or the US for a unilateral action. The author appears to be doing India’s bidding, as it is India that airs its worries about the increasing military bond between China and Pakistanstating that it has the potential to corner India if there is a military conflict. Anyhow, such analyses and conjectures are meant to suggest to India and America that they should preempt such moves.

The Emerging Islamic Order and Pakistan

The Afghan Taliban, now are the winners and enjoy the right to lay down the conditions for peace, yet the same old game of 1990 is being played to deny power to them. The Muslim world has suffered immensely during the last thirty years, but has stood firm, inflicting defeat on the Soviet Union, USA, European Union, Israel and India. The struggle thus, has created the ‘Global Islamic Resistance’ and ‘New Centres of Power’ have emerged, which have a vital role in determining the geo-political and social order, in the region.

By General Mirza Aslam Beg

India Falls 15 Places In UN Human Development Index

Things are not improving in India at all. In fact, things are going from bad to worse. India’s rank in the Human Development Index (HDI) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has fallen from 119 in 2010 to 134 this year.

India’s HDI value for 2011 is 0.547—in the medium human development category—positioning the country at 134 out of 187 countries and territories. Between 1980 and 2011, India’s HDI value increased from 0.344 to 0.547, an increase of 59.0 per cent or average annual increase of about 1.5 per cent.

The rank of India’s HDI for 2010 based on data available in 2011 and methods used in 2011 is 134 out of 187 countries. In the 2010 HDR, India was ranked 119 out of 169 countries. However, the report cautioned, it could be misleading to compare values and rankings with those of previously published reports, because the underlying data and methods have changed, as well as the number of countries included in the HDI.

Swedish Air Force Commander Visits Pakistan Air Force HQs----IS MRCA Result?

Major General Anders Silwer, Commander Swedish Air Force visited Air Headquarters in Islamabad on Wednesday.

On his arrival at Air Headquarters, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force received the distinguished guest.

A smartly turned out contingent of Pakistan Air Force presented the Guard of Honour, says a press release issued here. After reviewing the Guard of Honour, he was introduced to Principal Staff Officers of Pakistan Air Force.

The visiting guest paid homage to the martyrs of PAF by laying floral wreath on Martyrs’ Monument at Air Headquarters Islamabad.
He also called on Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman in his office. Both remained together for some time and discussed matters of professional interest.

The delegation attended a briefing at Air Headquarters on the organization, role and functioning of Pakistan Air Force.  

Commander: Armed Forces Fully Prepared to Defend Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian military commander stressed full preparedness of the country's Armed Forces to defend Iran against enemies' threats.

"The Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are ready to respond to any threat," Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said on Saturday. 

"We consider full preparedness as a duty for ourselves and we don't neglect it even for a single second," he noted. 

He further added that the Iranian forces are monitoring enemy threats on land, in air, in sea and under water. 

Taliban Blast NATO's Blatant Lies on Afghanistan

The  Zionist General Secretary of NATO (Anders Fogh Rasmussen) painted a false  picture about the ongoing situation in Afghanistan in his recent  conference held in Brussesls. He stressed and propagated to his allies  that the recent attacks by Taliban supposedly have some headline  grabbing element to them and that their attacks have fallen by twenty  six percent compared to last year!!

Rasmussen  depicted the attacks by Mujahideen in Afghanistan as ineffective and  pompous at a time when the current year (Badr) operations which began on  the 30th April have caused the American and NATO forces  incredible destruction militarily and economically which even some  American and western sources have described as considerably more  oriented and numerous compared to the last couple of years.

Gas pipeline to Israhell and Jordan bombard y Egyptians revolutionaries

An Egyptian pipeline  supplying gas to Israhell and Jordan has been hit with two explosions,  making it the seventh assault on the energy route since February. A first blast occurred around 1:00 a.m. Thursday (2300 GMT  Wednesday) 40 kilometers west of the town of al-Arish in the north of  the Sinai peninsula, AFP quoted an Egyptian security source as saying. Witnesses said they had also seen armed men at the scene of explosion. A second explosion took place near a pumping station in the same sector, causing a blaze. Previous attacks had interrupted gas supplies to both Israhell and  Jordan several times, but it was not immediately clear what impact the  latest attack would have on the energy route.
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