Monday, 12 September 2011

Double Agent Rehman Malik is a American Spy : Tariq Asad

A few days Before Tariq Asad (Lawyer) submit an application (Case) against Rehman Malik in Islamabad Police Station. In his Application he clarifies that Rehman malik is a American spy, So the Armed Forces of Pakistan must take some strict action against him. He also justifies  that if the the Case/FIR is not registered against him in the Police station, then he will definatly  go to the Supreme court of Pakistan against him. The secret code name of Rehman Malik is Double Agent.

Who is this Rehman Malik and why is he in the news for not so good reasons. And why is he still being kept in the government even when he can not be trusted as the items below will show:


“Rehman Malik rose to dizzying heights from a lowly grade 13 or 14 officer. Stories of Malik trying to worm his way through by bribing his seniors are still fresh in our minds. Come promotion time, he’d turn up at their homes with trays laden with designer suits. By golly, it worked!” [1] 

Naseerullah Babar had tried to warn Benazir Bhutto to get a reliable security advisor as her potential murderers would have to come from within her party. He had advised against this third class officer to be part of her security chief. Malik was FIA chief and would report to Babar and his disapproval of Malik can be seen in the quoted article. 

He was soon to replace Amin Fahim as Benazir’s dealer of the military and was the primary negotiator of the NRO:

Rehman Malik and illegal money:

The Untold Story :

He is known to have a lot of money illegally during Benazir’s time through corruption and money laundering. 

Links with Foreign Agents: 

Rehman Malik had dealings with Mosad and FBI during Benazir’s government

Exclusive News: Muslim Liberation Army hacks 21 churches sites to Raise a Voice Again "Burn Quran Day" Allah hu Akbar !!

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Truth Alliance Network and 20 Churches websites hacked by 
Muslim Liberation Army
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Truth Alliance Network (24 Hour Daily Newspaper) (Shot)

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