Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pakistan has developed smartest nuclear tactical devices

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s nuclear programme has made some extraordinary progress by developing one of the world’s smartest nuclear tactical devices, it has been learnt.

According to a western diplomat, the former dictator and the then President General Pervez Musharraf, during one of his meetings with US officials, had deemed it proper to convey it to the Americans what Pakistan possessed and how the country’s nuclear scientists had secured the defence of Pakistan.

Pakistan Needs A Long-Term Break From The US

Pakistan has reached breaking point with the United States and its replacement with a genuinely independent foreign and domestic policy.

Previously, the ruling political and military elite, for personal and institutional reasons, never truly attempted to seek separation from a bad, exploitative and increasingly humiliating marriage with Washington. But the attack on Pakistan’s military check posts on the border with Afghanistan created circumstances that forced the ruling elite’s hand and finally pushed them over the line that they had kept avoiding to cross for decades.

Pakistani Military Suspends Co-operation with CIA and NATO

Pakistani Military Suspends Co-operation with CIA and NATOAnglo-American Invaders of Afghanistan are apparently in deep trouble with their supply routes cut – It is hoped that the Pakistani Military’s stance is permanent and not something that can be bought. We all must remember that this stance is the price for those martyred at the Salala check post.

PKKH Editorial | M. Zainulabedin Ameer

Saturday morning had grim news for the Pakistani nation; NATO helicopters and a warplane flew in more than 2.5 kilometers into the Mohmand area of Pakistani territory and attacked a check post that had a Pakistani flag clearly visible. When the news broke, we were told that 22 soldiers were martyred while some were left struggling. While there was immediate outrage at political gatherings, few more succumbed to their wounds, bringing the death toll to 30 by late Sunday night. Meanwhile, through Saturday night the Americans apologized for the incident and promised a joint investigation.

The false rhetoric of Jew TV’s anchorperson: Sana Buchha caught once again!

In her article published in The News on 20th November 2011, the anchor person of JEW TV, Sana Buchha claimed that the Pakistan Resolution was drafted by an Ahmadi named Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, who was part of Muslim League.
She writes:

It surprises me that we have forgotten those very people who helped draft the resolution that gave us Pakistan. Mohammad Zafarullah Khan was an Ahmadi but it was he who drafted the Pakistan Resolution and represented the Muslim League’s view when it came to deciding the future boundaries between India and Pakistan.

So, now for the sake of argument, lets just accept her claim and keeping in mind her article as a whole, lets try to carve out a conclusion about what she wanted to persue.

First of all, relating the Eid ul Azha, which a moment of happiness with so many tragedies, she is trying to minimize all the scarce universal happiness that we get just twice in the year in the form of Eid.

Secondly, if the resolution was drafted by an Ahmadi and Quaid had no objection over it (which is a flat lie as proven below), should we declare Ahmadis as muslims who have been declared infidels by the unanimous resolution of Parliament in 1973′s constitution? This means that she is openly challenging the constitution and mocking Khatm-e-Nabuwat.

Thirdly, she is accusing Quaid of being a liberal, which a faction of fatuous people believe just because of the reason that they can’t differentiate between liberalism and freedom of faith, Quaid believed in the latter one! Never did he claim that he believed in liberalism.

Pakistan`s decision - ”It’s very serious.It’s very complicated" Kerry

~Pakistan`s decision~”It’s very serious.It’s very complicated “Kerry”Senator John 2Kerry, who is known as the Obama Administration’s trouble shooter on Pakistan, believes that the situation in the country is very serious and the US-Pak relationship is now facing a major challenge.

“It’s very serious. It’s very complicated,” Kerry told Indian reporters on the sidelines of a reception for the new Indian Ambassador to the US, Nirupama Rao, when asked about the developments in Pakistan in the wake of the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers by NATO forces in a cross-border fire over the weekend, PTI reported on Wednesday.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Pak Army warns NATO of dire consequences

DG ISPR has warned of dire consequences of NATO aggression, while talking to UK media group.

Major General Athar Abbas has said 72 Pakistani soldiers have been martyred and more than 250 injured. He categorically said this state of affairs is unacceptable. He also hinted at further action that the Pak leadership may take. 

Pakistan s military also on Monday denied reports that NATO forces in Afghanistan came under fire before launching a cross-border attack that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers over the weekend.

"This is not true. They are making up excuses. What are their losses, casualties?" said army spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas in a text message.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Names of Soldiers Who Embraced Shahadat in NATO Helicopter Attack

Major Mujahid Shaheed
Captain Usman Shaheed
Havaldar Mushtaq Shaheed
Havaldar Aslam Shaheed
Sipahi Imran Yousuf Shaheed
Sipahi Abdul Razaq Shaheed
Sipahi Mazher Abbas Shaheed
Sipahi Tariq Shaheed
Sipahi Nasir Mehmood Shaheed
Sipahi Mujibullah Shaheed
Sipahi Tahir Mehmood Shaheed
Sipahi Muheem Shaheed

These are the names of Soldiers who embraced SHAHADAT in NATO Helicopter attack on November 26 2011, we will update soon as we get more info.

Exclusive: NATO Air strike revenge for Pakistan crackdown on CIA assets

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Pakistan suspends NATO supplies in response to NATO attack

Pakistan has suspended NATO supplies to Afghanistan in protest against NATO strike. 
NATO helicopters fired on an army checkpoint near the Afghan border and killed 25 soldiers, in an attack that is likely to further strain relations between Islamabad and US-led forces fighting in Afghanistan.The incident late Friday night came a little over a year after US helicopters killed two Pakistani soldiers near the border. Pakistan responded by closing a key border crossing on a NATO supply route to Afghanistan for 10 days until the US apologized.

In a statement sent to reporters, the Pakistan military blamed NATO for the attack in the Mohmand tribal area, saying the helicopters "carried out unprovoked and indiscriminate firing." It said casualties have been reported but details were still coming.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

PAF Saab-2000 Erieye AEW&C Aircraft AT Dubai Air Show

                                  PAF Saab-2000 Erieye AEW&C Aircraft

Drunk Haqqani revealed 362 US targets, to Kill entire Army Leadership

By:  Mohammad Malick
Editor The News, Islamabad.
At the time of writing these lines, the all-powerful civil-military tribunal had yet to hold its promised huddle with Ambassador Haqqani. Surely, he will be asked to resign but while his inevitable resignation must not be taken as being tantamount to his admission of guilt, it does highlight the fatal consequence of state representatives confusing themselves with the state itself. The expected resignation will not mark the culmination of a raging controversy but signal the beginning of silent and far more meaningful changes.

According to informed sources, armed with highly incriminating communication data evidence, the non-civilian part of the power equation has already worked out a national charter of demands in which Haqqani’s removal is a minimum starter. Word has it that the military establishment, while weary of seeking any direct role is also conscious of the public sentiment of being held responsible for helping the marauding government stay in the saddle. It wants the system to work without stepping in, if possible. A middle ground may yet be found in case Haqqani is made to walk his resignation talk and the matters reach level two. In such an eventuality and still holding a smoking gun, in the first phase the Rawalpindi chaps may ask the government to cause massive changes in top managements of various state institutions and corporations being headed by known incompetent and corrupt government cronies. If this covert effort of restoring some sanity to governance fails then we could well see a renewed effort to find out the accomplices in this dirty-memo case. You get it, right?

Iran arrests 12 CIA spies accused of targeting nuclear programme in league with the Mossad

Iran arrests 12 CIA spies accused of targeting nuclear programme in league with the MossadThe Telegraph
Parviz Sorouri, who sits on the powerful committee of foreign policy and national security, that the alleged agents had been operating in co-ordination with Israel’s Mossad and other regional agencies, and targeted the country’s military and its nuclear programme.
“The U.S. and Zionist regime’s espionage apparatuses were trying to damage Iran both from inside and outside with a heavy blow, using regional intelligence services,” Sorouri was quoted as having said on Wednesday.

“Fortunately, with swift reaction by the Iranian intelligence department, the actions failed to bear fruit,” Mr Sorouri said.

The lawmaker did not specify the nationality of the alleged agents, nor when or where they had been arrested.

Traitor Hussain Haqqani’s resignation and the Aftermath

As the memogate episode continues, the American appointed stooge ambassador of Pakistan for USZ Mr. Hussain Haqqani resigns on the pressure imposed by Pakistan Army in the meeting between the puppet government and Pakistan Army leadership last night. Mr. Haqqani is the same person who issued visas without the consent of ISI to several hundreds of Americans one of whom is commonly known as Raymond Davis, the murderer of three innocent Pakistanis.

It is very critical that this is the only memo that came in the spotlight as one of the characters involved in it exposed it. There needs to be an investigation into the entire track record of Mr.Haqqani who has been a mouthpiece of USZ foreign office throughout pretty much his entire career over many issues and it is told by he himself that he had very cordial relations with Mike Mullen, the same USZ commander who issued threats to Pakistan few months ago when CIA and ISI were at daggers drawn over the issue of hypothetically fabricated terror hype of so called “Haqqani network”. It is very important that a traitor like him should not be let go by just a resignation but he should be challenged in a military court as military courts can deal with any type of case in which a conspiracy against Pakistan Army is planned.

PAF MFI-395 Super Mushshak Gets Glass Cockpit

Pakistan has upgraded the MFI-395 Super Mushshak with a completely new integrated glass cockpit instead of traditional style of analog dials and gauges.. The Super Mushshak is a basic trainer aircraft which is offered to the International Military and commercial customers. by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC).

The Super Mushshak features two large multi-function displays, one each for the pilot and co-pilot. It is on the static line next to the JF-17 fighter. 

Britain’s Royal Navy frigate sent to Libya with four missiles

The Telegraph
Royal Navy officers said HMS Westminster was “dangerously under-defended” when it was called on to patrol close to the Libyan port city of Benghazi in March.
The warship can carry 32 Seawolf and eight Harpoon missiles but it is understood that military cutbacks left the Westminster and its crew of 190 with only a fraction of that capability.
As Seawolf missiles — which are used to intercept incoming missiles — are fired in pairs, sources said the Westminster had just two rounds to defend against missile attacks from Col Muammar Gaddafi’s forces.
In another recent admission, the Royal Navy said it was unable to spare a warship to guard British waters for the whole of October after last year’s defence cuts.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

[Top Secret] Truth about ILLuminati | Freemasons | N.W.O

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Osama Bin Ladin and Obama are the Same | Shocking News

From Indus To Oxus - Book Promo 1-3

InshAllah, these emotional, passionate and romantic memories of yesteryears will serve the Ummat e Rasul (sm) well and would shake our nation out of slumber! These are the memories of a young man who drifted into the couldron of time to experience, observe and travel in the melting pot of history! Fasten your seat belts! This is going to be a truly emotional, soul shaking ride, InshAllah!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Pakistan-Turkmenistan: Looking For New Horizons

ECO with a population of 440 million, is not a small market, the US that is a considered a big consumer market is 300 million. If the countries are given a free hand by the outside forces, the economy, culture, trade, communication, industry etc can be augmented and integrated for the mutual benefit of the member countries.

Before I make my analysis on Turkmenistan, I would like to add that seeing into the future, I could visualize that Central Asian Republics (CAR) should be the future focus of Pakistan. It was not just a passion or some gut feeling but signs and the reading of the events was clearly pointing in that direction. Since CAR is part of ECO, therefore CAR cannot be studied separately but in a broader context of ECO. Accordingly a virtual think tank was established in 2008 to study and focus on ECO with a special emphasis on CAR. When I discussed with a number of professors of IR from different universities, all after a deep thought came back as if they come out of sleep and opined that ECO is our future and CAR needs a special study to build strong ties.

TX Intelligence: Advanced threat report on the operation to remove Bashar’s regime

By: Zaki Khalid | TX Intelligence Exclusive
With additional reporting by Ziyad al-Shamsi in Egypt

Informed officials belonging to two agencies in the Middle East intelligence community have shared a glimpse of what has been developing in and around crisis-stricken Syria months after the official announcement by a group calling itself the ‘Free Syrian Army‘, headed by their commander Colonel Riyad al-Asad (pictured top-left, formerly in the Syrian Air Force) emerged.

The announcement came on July 29 2011 through a video in which uniformed men who claimed to be defectors from the regime’s armed forces called upon and encourage their former colleagues to join them. The main objective of this move, according to Riyad is, “…to work hand in hand with the people to achieve freedom and dignity to bring the regime down, protect the revolution and the country’s resources, and stand in the face of the irresponsible military machine that protects the regime”.

Captured Kurdish terrorist Reveals Israel hand to wage Terror in Turkey

Source | Terminal X

FARS News Agency

TEHRAN (FNA)- Some recent confessions made by a PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) ringleader have unveiled Israel’s tight relations and collaboration with the terrorist group, Turkish media reports said on Sunday.

According to a report by the Turkish TRT network, Kanan, the leader of an 8-member cell disbanded by the Turkish security forces, confessed that he had played a part in the raid on a Turkish navy base in Iskenderun port on May 31, 2010, the same day Israeli commandos attacked Mavi Marmara, the aid ship trying to break the Gaza Siege.

Kanan said in his confession that he lives in Israel and travels to Turkey occasionally, adding that he had commuted between the two countries several times prior to the last year attack on the Turkish naval base.

Turkish security experts say that concurrence of the two attacks is not accidental and rather signifies the link between the PKK and Tel Aviv. They also believe that the PKK has attacked on the navy base at the request of the Zionist regime.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

271 Invaders, 97 puppets killed; Puppet Jirgah bombed by Mujahideen – Afghanistan Operation Badar

Operation Badar reports (Afghanistan)
(17, 18 November, 2011)
These reports have been received from Mullah Mohammad Omar’s official spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman of Islamic Emirate Qari Yousuf Ahmadi as well as some other on-ground sources in Afghanistan which include several puppet regime sources.

Russian Navy enters Syrian waters to prevent NATO’s attack

Russian warships have entered Syrian territorial waters in an aggressive move designed to prevent any NATO-led attack on the country under the guise of a “humanitarian intervention”.

“Russian warships are due to arrive at Syrian territorial waters, a Syrian news agency said on Thursday, indicating that the move represented a clear message to the West that Moscow would resist any foreign intervention in the country’s civil unrest”, reports Haaretz.

Russia has stepped up efforts to defend Syria in recent days, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov keen to frame the violence in the country as a civil war in defiance of claims by western powers that President Bashar al-Assad has overseen a bloody crackdown on innocent protesters.

Red Alert: Beast Computer Network of NWO for Global Mind Control busted

Imagine being a programmed multiple, and your handler doesn’t have to even be near you to relay complicated codes and instructions. He can use your implant. But again, how serious is electronic mind-control? Let me relate to you about a guided tour that a civilian friend of mine took through aNWO’s major beast computer center in Alaska back in the 1970’s. The engineer, who was in charge of building and getting the center operational, gave him a tour of the site’s capabilities.

At that point, the NWO had built a massive computer center in Alaska, one in So. Africa (believed to be located at the USZ embassy in Johannesburg), and one in Pine Gap, Australia. These three sites were very specific, because they formed a triangle on the globe, and couldn’t be located anywhere else, due to the naturally occuring lines of force of the planet. These Beast Computer Centers consist of aisles and aisles of big state of the art computers. They each have several dozen people to run them.
Even in the ’70’s, an operator could speak into the computer and it would answer. For instance, if you asked the computer about anyone on the planet, it could usually pull up all kinds of information about that person. If you asked the computer how could you get that person to kill someone? or how can I isolate this person? The computer would spill out a plan almost instantly, telling you all the people around that subject who could be manipulated and in what fashion those people need to be manipulated to cause the end result. This is the end result of years of “BLACK PSYCHIATRY–which means applying psychiatric techniques to manipulate people and nations.

Facebook | Founder of Open Source Facebook rival killed at 22

Ilya Zhitomirskiy, one of the co-founders of Facebook-alternative Diaspora, died Saturday night at the age of 22. A spokesman for the San Francisco medical examiner’s office confirmed the death of Zhitomirskiy to, originally reported Sunday by popular tech news blogTechCrunch. He was unable to confirm reports that the young man committed suicide. Confirmation of the final cause of death could take weeks, he said. Peter Schurman, a Diaspora spokesman, declined to comment on specific details but acknowledged Zhitomirskiy’s death. “We’re all very sad that Ilya has passed away”, Schurman told

Zaid Hamid Return Slap to Hassan Nisar [HD]

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Indian soldier commits suicide in OSJK

Indian soldier commits suicide in OSJKBaramulla, MTT News Desk: An Indian soldier from Border Security Force (BSF) committed suicide by shooting himself dead with his service rifle.

The incident took place at Akhnoor sector in Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir (OSJK), the officials of Indian armed forces said.

The Indian officials said that the soldier of Border Security Force (BSF) from 86 battalion, Bablu Singh son of Padam Singh was on the duty at forward post at Garkhal in Akhnoor sector when he took the extreme step.

However, the Indian army officials did not tell the reasons behind the suicide.

Singh’s body was dispatched to his residence at Bharatpur in Rajasthan after post-mortem.

Thousands of personnel of Indian army and other armed forces, such as BSF, had so far committed suicide in OSJK. In most cases, tension-ridden atmosphere and denial of leaves are reported to be the causes behind the suicide attempts among the security personnel in occupied Kashmir.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Why I hate "Aman ka Drama/Tmasha"

If you are in a war, instead of throwing grenade, throw flowers at you enemy, it may stop them and they might start thinking about love, peace and harmony and consider war destructive, and while they are thinking about this, THROW A GRENADE!!
sounds familiar? Yes! its the same strategy used by our arch-rival ENDia through their paid proxies in our electronic media to defeat us. Backstabbing is old hobby of Hindus and we can never forget the urdu proverb
 "بغل میں چھری ، منہ میں رام رام"

Being a Muslim and Pakistan, we believe firmly in two-nation theory and there is no doubt about it.
But many of us don’t know its historic background and Islamic significance and hence fell prey to the enemy propaganda about the so-called Peace by the corrupt and sold-out media outlet.

Jew news supported Aman ka Tamasha Exposed !!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Powerful Revenge against Hacking of Pakistani Sites, Indian website Hacked, Database owned and Warning given to Gay Hind

Pakistan CYBER Army Warning to Indian Kids
Dear Admin Solving of the problem is on finding out the people who will solve it.?!
This Is Just Start And Warning To (Indian Cyber Army) And (Indishell)
If You Take Our 3 Sites We Will Take 300 If You take 10 We will take 1000
[ Liquid Sky (PCA) ]

Islamic Solidarity: The bomb IsraHell Fears

As should be painfully obvious now to all (and particularly for those in the West going broke fighting her wars for her) Israel’s woes are never hers alone.
No matter what it is- -a stubbed toe, broken fingernail, offended dignity or a wart on the end of her nose preventing her from grabbing the gold at a rigged beauty contest–her burdens and boo-boos eventually (and inevitably) become those of the entire world.

Being that she is (by her own militant insistence, mind you) the Jewish state, and with it all the accompanying ‘magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ Business, she’s just like that…The ultimate drama queen-Lady Gaga with nukes, banks, TV networks, and a chorus line of presidents, prime ministers, popes, priests, preachers, pundits and professors on the payola sheet…

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

China, Russia stunned at Obama’s Global Power Grab

New reports emerging in the Kremlin today from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC) in Hawaii are stating that both Russian and Chinese diplomats were “stunned”upon learning that the United States of Zionism’s Nobel Peace Prize winning leader, President Barack Obama, has ordered USZ Military forces into both Nigeria and Australia in what they describe as his plan to take over the entire world for his crony-capitalist backers.

According to these reports, Nigerian military sources have confirmed Obama’s plan to deploy USZ Military forces in their country in yet another expansion of the Pentagon’s “Shadow War” on the African Continent designed to take control of this regions vast oil and mineral resources, and he is, also, planning on announcing during his upcoming visit to Australia the deployment of USZ Marine forces to ward off what the Americans are calling the “China threat.”
With more than 900 USZ Military bases on all seven continents, and with a defense budget that outspends all of the other nations in the world combined, Russian diplomats warn that these latest deployments “strip bear”Obama’s true intentions which they describe as being nothing short of “total world domination.”
               To understand Obama’s true motivations, these reports say, one has to realize that the West’s most powerful bankers who have given him more moneythan any politician, in any country, in modern human history far surpassing the millions given to Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler by USZ and European industrialists led by the former USZ President George W. Bush’s grandfather, the late USZ senator Prescott Bush, who was charged for his crimes under the Trading With Enemies Act during World War II.

Russia Endorses Full SCO Membership For Pakistan

ST. PETERSBURG: Russia on Monday, for the first time, publicly endorsed Pakistan’s bid to get full membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made this announcement in response to Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani’s address at the 10th Heads of Government meeting of SCO, at the Constantine Palace.

The Russian Premier also supported Prime Minister Gilani’s proposals for implementing trade and energy projects.

He announced financing 0.5 billion US dollars for the CASA- 1000 that would ensure power transmission from Turkmenistan Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Israel Must Stop Building Settlements: Pakistan

United Nations: Reiterating its support to the Palestinians’ right to self-determination, Pakistan Tuesday called on Israel to cease all settlement activity on occupied Palestinian territories to promote peace in the Middle East. “We also call for complete lifting of the blockade in Gaza,” Tahir Hussain Andrabi, the Pakistani delegate, to told the General Assembly’s Fourth Committee, which deals with special political decolonization matters.

He was speaking in a debate on the report of the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories.

The Pakistani delegate said that the report had documented the state of human rights of the Palestinians and other Arab peoples in the occupied territories.The situation was characterized by violation of the Palestinian people’s rights to self-determination, freedom of movement, education, commerce, and religion.

Indian Terrorist Agency R&AW exposed !!

According to reports Indian intelligence agency Research & Analysis Wing (R&AW) recruits hundreds of Durga Vahini terrorist girls per year to use them against Naxalites, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians. These are girls are groomed as trained saboteurs of R&AW.

Another View of training of Extremist terrorist groups. Why the world at large keep their eyes close on these terror camps which are operating in patronage of Indian Army and para military forces. Trained saboteurs of RSS and Durga Vahini possess a history of killing thousands of people in the name of Religion.
Durga Vahini terrorist camp. Training in special sabotage operations. Mastering in killing of Un-Armed Kashmiris, Sikhs, Dalits, Naxals, Tamils and Christians.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Imran Khan betrays Kashmiri Matryrs, vows to set aside Kashmir for "Trade"

While one listened to Imran Khan’s views on Kashmir, expressed in an interview  with Karan Thapar of the CNN-IBN’s Indian channel on Sunday, one was,  for a moment, apt to ask oneself: “Do my ears deceive me?”  he would go along with President Zardari’s point  of view on the Kashmir dispute with India and leave it to the next  generation to settle. Right now, the two neighbours, he thought, needed  to develop trade relations and put in place confidence building measures  to raise the so called "level of mutual trust". However, in the same breath, he  called Kashmir the core issue between the two countries and believed  that any terrorist incident happening in India, whether through a  militant group in the disputed state or elsewhere, would undo the  positive effects of the CBMs and the commercial ties.Strange, rather  confused logic, for putting on the backburner a dispute which should be  the first issue to be put out of the way for real and lasting trust to  take root.

Israeli Firm Leader: World Likely to Accept Iran as Nuclear Power

TEHRAN (FNA)- A top economist at a leading Israeli firm cautioned that a military action against Iran will be too costly since it will increase oil prices and damage global trade, and said the world is more likely to accept a nuclear Iran than pay the high costs of war.
A sharp rise in the price of oil, the costs of war and the damage to global trade would be too great and deter world powers from taking any serious action, said Amir Kahanovich, chief economist at Clal Finance, one of Israel's largest brokerage houses.The assessment differed sharply from Israel's official position that Tehran's nuclear aspirations are unacceptable and that all options are on the table in preventing a nuclear Iran, which it views as a threat to its existence. 

CIA's Lashkar-e-Jhangvi found involved in Imam Bargah blast in Multan

Security forces have discovered that the notorious CIA backed deceptive Islamic Terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) leader Dr Arshad, who was killed in a covert raid on a militant hideout in Jhelum on November 12, was responsible for the imambargha blast in Multan. The bomb blast in Multan had injured 10 people, however no one was  killed. After the blast, police had arrested many people from Mandi  Bahauddin and had found out clues linking Dr Arshad to the blast in  Multan. Security forces have currently shifted all the foreign funded/backed arrested terrorists to  unknown places and are conducting raids in southern Punjab.During one  of the raids, police also recovered 2000kg of explosives.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Pakistan to buy 2 Nuclear Power Plants from China

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has planned to purchase two nuclear power plants  with a combined capacity of 2,000 megawatts from China, which will be  utilized for setting up Karachi Nuclear Power Plant-2 (Kanupp-2) and  Kanupp-3 and help mitigate the energy crisis. According to documents available with Our Sources, China National  Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC)  are likely to enter into an agreement to conduct a joint study to  finalize design modifications, which would enable Pakistan to acquire  two nuclear power plants, each having power generation capacity of 1,000  megawatts. After completion of this project, a contract for establishing Kanupp-2 and Kanupp-3 will be negotiated.

"Serving Humanity" - USZ to sell UAE 1000s of Bunker Buster Bombs

The United States of Zionism reportedly plans to provide thousands of advanced ''bunker-busting'' bombs to the United Arab Emirates. The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday these bombs were designed to demolish bunkers, tunnels and other thickly reinforced targets. The proposed package to the UAE is to be formally presented to Congress ''in the coming days," according to the newspaper. The package includes up to 4,900 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) and other weapons, the paper said. The new report comes as Washington is increasing efforts to arm  Middle East states and start a weapons race in the strategically  important part of the world.

Italy Is Finished, Mathematically beyond Point of No Return: Barclays

Euphoria may have returned briefly courtesy of yet another promise  for a resignation that will likely not be effectuated for weeks or  months, if at all, and already someone has done the math on what the  events in the past several days reveal for Italy. That someone is  Barcalys, the math is not pretty, and the conclusion is that "Italy is now mathematically beyond point of no return"

Summary from Barclays Capital inst sales:

  1. 1.At this point, it seems Italy is now. mathematically beyond point of no return.
  2. While reforms are necessary, in and of itself not be enough to prevent crisis.
  3. Reason? Simple math–growth and austerity not enough to offset cost of debt.
  4. On our ests, yields above 5.5% is inflection point where game is over.
  5. The danger:high rates reinforce stability concerns, leading to higher rates.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Jewish Linked Imran Khan is Finally Exposed !!

Imran Khan vows to bring army, ISI under civilian control if in power

Islamabad, Nov 12(ANI): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Party Chairman Imran Khan has vowed to bring the country’s army and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) under civilian control if he won the next general election.
He added that he would step down as prime minister if Pakistan’s military continued to rule with an upper hand over civilians under his regime.
“Unless I can implement my agenda – which means I take responsibility for everything that’s happening in Pakistan, it means that the army is under me, it means the ISI can do nothing unless it reports to me, it means that the army’s budget is audited by a civilian setup, it means I take responsibility for anything that’s happening outside my country, it means I take responsibility that no terrorism will take place from Pakistani soil – otherwise, I would resign,” the Daily Times quoted him, as saying.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Azmat Class Fast Attack Craft For The Pakistan Navy

The Pakistan Navy is slated to receive its first Azmat Class Fast Attack Craft (FAC) from China in within 6 months. These boats are not to be confused with the older Azmat class which are less than half the tonnage and are significantly less capable ships. The Azmat class will be the first stealth FACs in the Subcontinent. They will be superior in every way to the Indian Navy counterparts. To date however, only two such ships have been ordered. A follow on order for two more are also likely. 

Of the two boats ordered, one is being built in China and another is being built in Pakistan. These boats are well-armed although somewhat lacking in air defense, a typical problem with smaller boats of this type. The ships are designed to have both a defensive and offensive capability. Herein lies the advantage of these boats - with many Indian ports within 200 miles of Pakistan, the Azmat Class's 500 nautical mile range and 110 mile C-802 range makes these boats an effective threat along with her traditional defensive coastal role. The ship is further equiped with a modern networked C4I system that will be a force multiplier in terms of network-centric warfare, utilizing the sensors of other ships, aircraft and PN assets.

Israeli Security Websites Crash After Anonymous Threat

On Friday, Anonymous accused Israel of engaging in “piracy on the high seas” after the Israeli navy intercepted the latest flotilla heading for Gaza and warned that it would “strike back”.

Today the following Israeli government websites crashed: Shin Bet, Mossad, IDF, IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, Health Ministry, Justice Ministry, Construction and Housing Ministry, Science and Sport’s Ministry, the President’s Residence, Immigration Authority, the Israel Land Administration and Israel Atomic Energy Commission.

Afghan Taliban Expose US Terrorism

Speaker: Saeed Rahmatullah Hasmi — Organizer: MSA (Muslim Students Association) — Date: March 10, 2001 — Location: University of Southern California, USA

I say Assalam to Khadim-e-Islam Amir-ul-Maomineen Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid

Its a fight of my faith…nothing else

He did not surrender to cursed one like bush

He lives bravely on high mountains

A subtle way to denigrate Pakistan

In his article captioned ‘A Pakistan-China nexus’, Ashfaque Ali has referred to a report carried by English daily about Chinese plans to set up bases in Pakistan. China has already rejected such mendacious reports and statements about Chinese troops in Gilgit-Baltistan and/or Azad Kashmir, and categorically declared that it has no plans to deviate from its proclaimed policy of non-interference in other countries. The writer then tried to create confusion by stating: “Some recent developments in China may make people wonder if the stage has been set for a Chinese military role inPakistan”. The author concocts the story that the Chinese are insisting on its enhanced military presence on Pakistan, and then infers from it that such a situation could impel India or the US for a unilateral action. The author appears to be doing India’s bidding, as it is India that airs its worries about the increasing military bond between China and Pakistanstating that it has the potential to corner India if there is a military conflict. Anyhow, such analyses and conjectures are meant to suggest to India and America that they should preempt such moves.

The Emerging Islamic Order and Pakistan

The Afghan Taliban, now are the winners and enjoy the right to lay down the conditions for peace, yet the same old game of 1990 is being played to deny power to them. The Muslim world has suffered immensely during the last thirty years, but has stood firm, inflicting defeat on the Soviet Union, USA, European Union, Israel and India. The struggle thus, has created the ‘Global Islamic Resistance’ and ‘New Centres of Power’ have emerged, which have a vital role in determining the geo-political and social order, in the region.

By General Mirza Aslam Beg

India Falls 15 Places In UN Human Development Index

Things are not improving in India at all. In fact, things are going from bad to worse. India’s rank in the Human Development Index (HDI) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has fallen from 119 in 2010 to 134 this year.

India’s HDI value for 2011 is 0.547—in the medium human development category—positioning the country at 134 out of 187 countries and territories. Between 1980 and 2011, India’s HDI value increased from 0.344 to 0.547, an increase of 59.0 per cent or average annual increase of about 1.5 per cent.

The rank of India’s HDI for 2010 based on data available in 2011 and methods used in 2011 is 134 out of 187 countries. In the 2010 HDR, India was ranked 119 out of 169 countries. However, the report cautioned, it could be misleading to compare values and rankings with those of previously published reports, because the underlying data and methods have changed, as well as the number of countries included in the HDI.

Swedish Air Force Commander Visits Pakistan Air Force HQs----IS MRCA Result?

Major General Anders Silwer, Commander Swedish Air Force visited Air Headquarters in Islamabad on Wednesday.

On his arrival at Air Headquarters, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force received the distinguished guest.

A smartly turned out contingent of Pakistan Air Force presented the Guard of Honour, says a press release issued here. After reviewing the Guard of Honour, he was introduced to Principal Staff Officers of Pakistan Air Force.

The visiting guest paid homage to the martyrs of PAF by laying floral wreath on Martyrs’ Monument at Air Headquarters Islamabad.
He also called on Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman in his office. Both remained together for some time and discussed matters of professional interest.

The delegation attended a briefing at Air Headquarters on the organization, role and functioning of Pakistan Air Force.  

Commander: Armed Forces Fully Prepared to Defend Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian military commander stressed full preparedness of the country's Armed Forces to defend Iran against enemies' threats.

"The Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are ready to respond to any threat," Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said on Saturday. 

"We consider full preparedness as a duty for ourselves and we don't neglect it even for a single second," he noted. 

He further added that the Iranian forces are monitoring enemy threats on land, in air, in sea and under water. 

Taliban Blast NATO's Blatant Lies on Afghanistan

The  Zionist General Secretary of NATO (Anders Fogh Rasmussen) painted a false  picture about the ongoing situation in Afghanistan in his recent  conference held in Brussesls. He stressed and propagated to his allies  that the recent attacks by Taliban supposedly have some headline  grabbing element to them and that their attacks have fallen by twenty  six percent compared to last year!!

Rasmussen  depicted the attacks by Mujahideen in Afghanistan as ineffective and  pompous at a time when the current year (Badr) operations which began on  the 30th April have caused the American and NATO forces  incredible destruction militarily and economically which even some  American and western sources have described as considerably more  oriented and numerous compared to the last couple of years.

Gas pipeline to Israhell and Jordan bombard y Egyptians revolutionaries

An Egyptian pipeline  supplying gas to Israhell and Jordan has been hit with two explosions,  making it the seventh assault on the energy route since February. A first blast occurred around 1:00 a.m. Thursday (2300 GMT  Wednesday) 40 kilometers west of the town of al-Arish in the north of  the Sinai peninsula, AFP quoted an Egyptian security source as saying. Witnesses said they had also seen armed men at the scene of explosion. A second explosion took place near a pumping station in the same sector, causing a blaze. Previous attacks had interrupted gas supplies to both Israhell and  Jordan several times, but it was not immediately clear what impact the  latest attack would have on the energy route.

Friday, 11 November 2011

US Sponsored Cross Border Attacks On Pakistan`s Soil

While the third week of September saw an orchestrated verbal onslaught on Pakistan by the US policymakers and military brass, alleging it of providing support to the Haqqani network, there remains an eerie silence in US politico-military circles about the string of Taliban attacks on Pakistani border posts in Dir, Bajaur and Chitral. These large-sized attacks sporadically delivered during the last one year were launched from areas under the operational control of the US-led ISAF and their sidekick, the Afghan National Army (ANA), and were organised by well entrenched TTP and Afghan Taliban factions from bases maintained in border areas of Afghanistan.
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