Saturday, 11 August 2012

Secrets of the CIA

This 1:30 hr video is a must watch. This is perhaps the most detailed and genuine account of crimes, strategies and covert plans used by CIA to over throw regimes, kill and slaughter millions in orchestrated wars.

Every defense and security analyst, journalist and army man must see this. Today, this is exactly what CIA is doing in Greater Middle East and Pakistan. We should know our enemy. A US embassy spread over hundreds of acres in Islamabad, larger than white house, is not to keep visa officers only. A major war against Pakistan is being conducted from that satan’s nest.

Turks come to the help of Burmese Muslims

 We are gratefull to our Turkish brothers and sisters for representing the Millat in Burma in these times of great test and bloodshed. Turlish PM's wife and the foreign minister visited Burma and delievered much needed aid to the persecuted Muslims. May Allah bless Muslims in Burma and also the Turks who came to their help while the leaders of the Muslim ummah continue to betray the Ummah.

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