Sunday, 2 October 2011

APC and present situation after threat from United states of Zionism

The current political system of Demoncracy which is totally opposite to the system of Khilafat e Rashida is the root of evil in this sacred land. We dont have time to waste on useless exercises like APC. This government must be replaced with patriotic God fearing care takers who would clean up the mess of corruption and terrorism. The Army and Judiciary must join hands and share the responsibility of safeguarding the best interests of Pakistan. The time to act is NOW!

Zaid Hamid - A man who has a Courage to Speak

Sir Zaid Hamid answers a question by a young man who wants to know about the possibility of peace in the region. Western, elitist countries are responsible for all the atrocities and wars in the world.

1,400 Rape Victims List Revealed in IHK

SRINAGAR (Agencies) – Indian-occupied Kashmir chief minister apologised Friday after his government revealed the names of some 1,400 women raped in the violence-hit state during the last five years.

I tender an unconditional apology to the victims and their families. There is a deep sense of shame over the revealing of names (of the victims), Omar Abdullah told the state legislature. On Thursday a written reply by the states home department to a lawmakers query contained a list of nearly 1,400 women raped since 2006, giving out their names, parentage and residential addresses. However, only one person had been convicted during the last five years, the government reply said.

Another Defeated Western General Carps About The Graveyard of Empires

Those whom the god wish to destroy they first make them mad–Alcestis (438 BC)

It didn’t begin with the Haqqanis, or the attack on Kabul. It didn’t even begin with Operation Geronimo–it actually began when President Obama made the blunder of not visiting Pakistan and then going to Delhi. Trying to hide the failure of his administration to sign the Nuclear 123 deal he tried to appease the Indians by saying that he supported Delhi’s bid for the UNSC. He couldn’t had said anything worse.
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