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A Forgotten Part of Muslim Ummah : Burma

More than one month has gone, still Burmese Muslims are not getting peace in the so called Democratic country.  Everyday when I login to my facebook account I see the photos coming from Burma. Those photos can melt any heart.
When I wrote my previous article, at that time I was thinking that this might be the communal riots between two religions and within few days if will be resolved. But unfortunately it is not stopped yet. Every day we are getting new photographs from Burma. And day by day the situations of Muslims are becoming worst there.

Playing with the emotions of Muslims:

According to Nurul Islam who is the president of the London-based Arakan Rohingya National Organization, “The Rohingya were given voting rights in Burma's landmark 2010 elections and, according to the report, were promised citizenship if they voted for the military regime’s representatives.” “Citizenship is still not restored,” said Islam. “Killing, rape, harassment, torture, and atrocious crimes by border security forces and armed forces have increased. The humiliating restrictions on their freedom of movement, education, marriage, trade, and business still remain imposed.”

Root cause:-

Burma’s President Thein Sein says Rohingya Muslims must be expelled from the country and sent to refugee camps run by the United Nations.
Now if you see his shameless statement you will understand intention and behavior of the government towards the Burmese Muslims. Even if I agree with the government of Burma (just for the sake of argument) that Rohingya Muslims are not the citizen of Burma. Does that mean that they are allowed to rob rape & kill them? Which law of the world allows this kind of terrible crime? More than thousand houses are looted till now. Thousands of Muslim youths are kidnapped by the army. There are hardly few houses left in which you will find the youths. Especially youths are being killed by the army.

Who is responsible?
Burmese Government:
If you read the statements which are coming from the government side of Burma, any person who is unbiased will agree that this massacre is preplanned by the government. Those people who are killing the Muslims are backed by the army and armed forces of Burma. Imagine if the government itself supports the army to kill the Muslims, What the poor helpless innocent Muslim can do?

2.      So called Champions of Human rights:
In Muslim ruling country, if any Christian or Non Muslim shouts, let it be lie or truth all the so called Champions of Human rights come in the ground to protest and support that person. But in Burma since last one month more than 20000 approximately Muslims are killed and these all become deaf & blind like they don’t know anything. I find many articles on internet against Islamic punishment against the rapist and all. And almost all of the people who write the articles put the arguments that it is against human rights. All of them are silent today. Its shame on their mind set. Don’t they consider Muslims as Human being?

3.      Neighbor Countries:
It is the law of United Nations, If any group of people or community find difficulties and facing problem in their home countries, it is the responsibility of the neighbor countries to soft their border. But what is happening with the Burmese Muslims? Do you know that? Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand all of them had closed their border. All the doors of help for this innocent Muslims are closed. :’-(
4.      Media:
This is the same media which shows the breaking news repeatedly on accidental death of dog. But they are not bothering mass killing of Muslims in Burma.
Excuse my language but let me say something, one cannot believe on prostitute as wherever she will get the good money she will go there. This is what today’s media is. Almost whole world’s media today is controlled by the politicians. Many scholars say running the news channel is very difficult. Especially if you are interested to show the truth. Media shows the news which is told by their so called Master who are giving them ads. Wherever they are getting good money in ads, they rely upon them. And they are bound to follow them.
5.      Rulers of Muslims Countries:
Our beloved prophet Muhammad PBUH said whole ummah is like one body, (Sahih Al-Bukhari Book #73, Hadith #40)
How can a person sleep well when he is having pain is having headache? Whole Ummah is like one body. One part got injured whole body feels the pain. But Today in Burma one part of Muslim ummah are being killed raped and robbed and whole ummah is busy in their own life. They don’t even care to pray for them.
There was a time when a Muslim girl from India called for help from Muslim rulers, at that time Muhammad Bin Qasim from thousands of mile far came to help her. But today many of our sisters are calling for help, and whole ummah is silent.

Wake up!
O, Worshipper of America Open your eyes and see what kuffars are planning against Ummah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.  Today Muslims are being harassed and tortured.

O, rulers who pray by facing the direction of Washington & Whitehouse
Allah is counting you laziness and Allah is watching all you actions what you are doing. All orphans will catch you on the Day of Judgment whose father is killed by kuffars. Today Allah has given you power through which you can help them. Allah will destroy you; Allah will punish you in the both worlds if you won’t take any action against kuffar.
Moinudin Pathan 
My Sources of Information:

Exclusive Report on Killings of Muslims in Burma Myanmar : They are crying for Help !

"The Mogh slaughtered my brothers. They will kill us all, please help us!"

 "The Mogh [ethnic Rakhine] surrounded our village at dawn, The Nasaka [Burmese border troops] were behind them. They set fire to the houses and chopped, hacked and shot at anyone who got in their way. Two of my sons were slaughtered in front of my eyes.”

These dialogs are not taken from any movies or TV serials but these are the voices of innocent Muslims who are being massacred from the place where international media didn’t reach yet.
And so called human right commission is acting like blind with open eyes. And their voices are roaming within their own home.

Yes. These voices belong to the people to whom nobody wants to accept them as citizen of their nation. Bangladeshi government saying these people are Burmese citizen whereas Burmese government is saying these people can be permanent citizen of Burma but they can’t hold citizenship of Burma.

Now hold on just for a moment. Let’s put ourselves in such a situation. Imagine that your rights are not given to you some place, and you were expecting from the third person which was the last hope for help. And if that person denies to help you, how would you feel at that time?
The same thing is happening with the Muslims of Burma who are being killed by the so called peace lover Buddhist in Burma and when some of them were trying to migrate from Burma to Bangladesh they were rejected to enter.

If we believe the news of Burmese media then it is told by them that 3 Muslims were detained in rape case. After that case Buddhist people have started killing the Muslims in that area called as Rohingya. Though Burmese government is lying regarding the number of killing Muslims. Based on assumption till now more than twenty thousand Muslims are killed. And if you see the photographs coming from the Burma, I am sure if you have the soft heart you can’t stop your tears.

One eyewitness said that the culprits were celebrating victory spitting and tossing the wine and alcohol on the dead bodies lying on the road.
Abu Tahay who belongs to the National Democratic Party for Development, which represents the country’s much-persecuted stateless Muslim Rohingya community, said that Muslims are being killed like Animals.

Now there are some people who can say that this killing of Muslims is because of that rape case. But this behavior with the Burmese Muslim is not new. Those Buddhist was in a waiting stage to find the excuse to kill the Muslims and this was the best opportunity for them to do these heinous crimes. That is the different story that we don’t find any news in our media related to injustice done with the Muslims. Unfortunately majority of our media is in the hands of politicians. The media which is controlled by the politicians can not show the true story behind all these kind of incidents.

On international level if you see this incident, according to Eric Draitser who is the geopolitical analyst for said
“Many of the conflicts that we see in Myanmar are a product of a proxy war that the US and Western powers are waging to prevent Chinese economic development. We can see instances in Rakhine state, also in Kachin province with a rebellion there. Each of these hot spots in Myanmar represents a key location of Chinese investment in the country,”
This is his analysis, right or wrong Allah knows best.

Allah says in the Qur’an in Surah Hujurat Ch. 49 Ayat No. 10
“Believers are indeed brothers….”
Whole Muslim ummah is like one body. If one part of the body is in pain whole body feel that pain. But unfortunately today we can’t even care what’s today is happening with the Muslim in the world. Moreover the so called Muslim ruler who have the power in their hands are also closing the eyes before such events. Today by the Allah’s grace we are 57 Muslim countries in the world but none of them raising the voice against this injustice.
Remember o rulers of Muslim countries, Fear Allah, these all innocent children will catch you on the Day of Judgment. Each innocent who is being killed by the kuffars with the help of your petrol, Allah will definitely ask you. For the sake of Allah, feel the pain of this Muslim ummah and use your power what Allah has provided you to stop the innocent killing. Else on the day of judgment you too will be held responsible.
May Allah unite this Muslim Ummah, And guide all of us.
Moinuddin N. Pathan 
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