Sunday, 9 October 2011

India Building New Secret Military Uranium Enrichment Plant

Rare Materials Plant Karnataka India

Iran To Unveil New Cruise Missile Zafar

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi announced on Friday that Tehran would soon unveil a new cruise missile called 'Zafar (Triumph).

"We unveiled the Qader cruise missiles in the Week of Sacred Defense and we plan to showcase Zafar which is a new cruise missile in the near future," Vahidi told reporters in the Western city of Hamedan today. 

"We also have other plans in area of ballistic missiles which will be unveiled once their production phases are complete," he added. 

Iran has made giant progress in arms production, specially in area of missile technology, in the last decade. 

Iran's latest cruise missile production, Qader (Mighty), was displayed to the public during the military parades marking the Week of Sacred Defense in September.

First Chinese AWACS ZDK-03 Karakoram Eagle Delivered TO Pakistan Air Force

PAF have received the first of the four planned Chinese AWE&C aircraft ZDK-03 "Karakoram Eagle".
The plane have reported to have landed at Masroor Airbase Karachi.
a separate squadron is being set up for the four planned Chinese ZDK-03. the procurement will help PAF establish a new regime of situational awareness and control.

Pakistan's Navy appoints Vice admiral Asif as a New Naval Cheif

The Presidency appointed Vice Admiral Asif Sandila as Chief of Naval Staff on merit after Pakistan’s military establishment reportedly opposed Vice Admiral Abbas Raza’s appointment for the naval chief slot.

Vice Admiral Asif Sandila was previously performing duties as Chief of the Staff and is the first in the seniority list of Pakistan Navy’s top hierarchy. Last month, the Defence Ministry had forwarded four names to the Presidency for the selection of Naval chief. They included vice admirals Asif Sandila, Tanveer Faiz, Abbas Raza and Tayyab Ali Dogar. Reportedly, Secretary Defence Syed Athar Ali was supporting Vice Admiral Abbas Raza due to the Secretary’s close association with Raza. Abbas Raza is third in the seniority list and is presently working as the Commander Pak Fleet. It is learnt that the President Asif Ali Zardari had finalised Abbas Raza’s name for his appointment as Chief of Naval Staff but the military establishment opposed this move; reportedly on the pretext that it wanted the naval chief appointment on the basis of merit considering the seniority factor.
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