Monday, 14 November 2011

Pakistan to buy 2 Nuclear Power Plants from China

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has planned to purchase two nuclear power plants  with a combined capacity of 2,000 megawatts from China, which will be  utilized for setting up Karachi Nuclear Power Plant-2 (Kanupp-2) and  Kanupp-3 and help mitigate the energy crisis. According to documents available with Our Sources, China National  Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC)  are likely to enter into an agreement to conduct a joint study to  finalize design modifications, which would enable Pakistan to acquire  two nuclear power plants, each having power generation capacity of 1,000  megawatts. After completion of this project, a contract for establishing Kanupp-2 and Kanupp-3 will be negotiated.

"Serving Humanity" - USZ to sell UAE 1000s of Bunker Buster Bombs

The United States of Zionism reportedly plans to provide thousands of advanced ''bunker-busting'' bombs to the United Arab Emirates. The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday these bombs were designed to demolish bunkers, tunnels and other thickly reinforced targets. The proposed package to the UAE is to be formally presented to Congress ''in the coming days," according to the newspaper. The package includes up to 4,900 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) and other weapons, the paper said. The new report comes as Washington is increasing efforts to arm  Middle East states and start a weapons race in the strategically  important part of the world.

Italy Is Finished, Mathematically beyond Point of No Return: Barclays

Euphoria may have returned briefly courtesy of yet another promise  for a resignation that will likely not be effectuated for weeks or  months, if at all, and already someone has done the math on what the  events in the past several days reveal for Italy. That someone is  Barcalys, the math is not pretty, and the conclusion is that "Italy is now mathematically beyond point of no return"

Summary from Barclays Capital inst sales:

  1. 1.At this point, it seems Italy is now. mathematically beyond point of no return.
  2. While reforms are necessary, in and of itself not be enough to prevent crisis.
  3. Reason? Simple math–growth and austerity not enough to offset cost of debt.
  4. On our ests, yields above 5.5% is inflection point where game is over.
  5. The danger:high rates reinforce stability concerns, leading to higher rates.
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