Friday, 20 July 2012

Alert: Another 9/11 is planned during London Olympics to Invade Pakistan

Global media is on fire already of a pakistan based Al-CIAda threat to London olympics! Pakistan is being clearly set up for a 9/11 style false flag operation and subsequent UN sanctions and invasion. Releasing Nato supplies is only helping any plans. This is a real threat and must not be ignored. Share this everywhere and let the people know about this filthy Propaganda.

The final battle for Damascus has begun after the elimination of the entire Syrian security team in a suicide strike by the terrorists of Syrian version of the "TTP". Just as they are doing in Pakistan to spread anarchy, the CIA is heavily using "Al-CIADA" to spread anarchy in Syria and to "soften up" the country for final invasion by NATO. Already the crusaders are moving UN to gain international approval for their intervention against Syria. This is exactly how they did in Libya just few months back.

This is how they plan to create environment to declare a war against Pakistan also. The CIA backed TTP or "Al-Qaeda" terrorists create anarchy and destroy the internal security of Pakistan. Or these terrorists conduct a false flag terrorists operation in Europe which will then be blamed on Pakistan and then all hell will break lose.

CIA used 9/11 false flag operation to wage a war against Afghanistan. WMD (weapons of mass destruction) false flag threat to wage a war against Iraq. Now they plan a war against Pakistan.

By blocking NATO supplies, Pakistan had made it difficult for the NATO to invade Pakistan. Now when the regime has allowed the NATO supplies to go through, CIA and MI6 are all set to stage a false flag operation in London Olympics to blame it on Pakistan and then to use that excuse to mobilize the UN to justify an intervention.

The entire British media is already creating the environment that a Pakistan based terrorist group of "Al-Qaeda" is planning an attack on London Olympics. The signs are too clear to ignore. That is why we say that under these circumstances, we urgently need a strong government in Islamabad and elections would be fatal for the country. The enemies outside the country and the traitors within have already prepared and damaged the the country enough to invite an external invasion.

Let them plot and plan. Allah is plotting and planning as well and indeed He is the best of the planners. if it has to come to a physical war, just as it is happening in Syria now and happened in Libya before, then be it. Let the crusaders and their puppy dogs in India come. Muslims in Pakistan are ready to receive them with guns in hand. Our warning to them stand firm -- we will NOT take prisoners, InshAllah!
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