Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A patriotic Baluch Sarfaraz Bugti expose the reality of Baluchistan insurgency

Baluchistan is not going anywhere, InshAllah. It is integral part of Pakistan and will remain part of Pakistan, inshAllah. The entire insurgency is foreign sponsored led by a handful traitors. The reality is now for all to see.

Share to let all Pakistani knows about the reality of fifth columnist media and traitors like shahzain bugti...

Exclusive: Taliban attack in afghanistan

Americans are doomed in Afghanistan, InshAllah. This is the time to increase pressure by blocking NATO supplies to crush their attempts to stay longer till 2024. Afghan resistance is now fully armed, organized and ruthless, sensing the victory. Watch this footage and pity the Americans trapped in the rat cage! This is something they would never tell the world. If Pakistan can block the supplies, the Afghan resistance is enough to destroy the Crusaders. Khair inshAllah
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