Friday, 18 November 2011

Why I hate "Aman ka Drama/Tmasha"

If you are in a war, instead of throwing grenade, throw flowers at you enemy, it may stop them and they might start thinking about love, peace and harmony and consider war destructive, and while they are thinking about this, THROW A GRENADE!!
sounds familiar? Yes! its the same strategy used by our arch-rival ENDia through their paid proxies in our electronic media to defeat us. Backstabbing is old hobby of Hindus and we can never forget the urdu proverb
 "بغل میں چھری ، منہ میں رام رام"

Being a Muslim and Pakistan, we believe firmly in two-nation theory and there is no doubt about it.
But many of us don’t know its historic background and Islamic significance and hence fell prey to the enemy propaganda about the so-called Peace by the corrupt and sold-out media outlet.

Jew news supported Aman ka Tamasha Exposed !!

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