Sunday, 16 January 2011

20 USZ Marines killed and remaining flee after severe battle in Afghanistan - Death toll reaches 170 in Jaunary!

Those American marines which had landed by helicopters in Gerishk’s Shor area 3 days ago, fled the area at 12:00 am yesterday morning after taking on heavy damage and casualties. Reports arriving from the area say that in the 3 days and 3 nights long fighting, as many as 20 USZ Marines were killed and dozens more were wounded. Officials say that due to the heavy bombings 8 Mujahideen have been injured and 2 have become Martyrs.

Reports add that the invaders came to area to build an outpost but failed in their attempts because of fierce Mujahideen attacks using heavy and light weapons. With this incident, the allied death toll has already reached 170 in the month of JANUARY alone including more than 120 USZ and 50 NATO and local puppet soldiers. It's now high time that American public wake up and smell the coffee since USZ is itself on the verge of an epic economic collapse sometime this year and that is going to hit their forces trapped in Afghanistan really in a deadly manner. Get out of Graveyard of Empires while you can!

Takbeer - Allah o Akbar!

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