Saturday, 22 January 2011

4 USZ-NATO trucks burnt to ashes in Pakistan

Pro-Afghan Mujahideen groups have set fire to at least four trucks carrying fuel supplies for USZ-led troops in Afghanistan in separate incidents in southwestern Pakistan. The first incident happened in Qalat town, 160 kilometers south of Quetta, on Friday. "Three men riding a motorcycle intercepted the three tankers, threw petrol and set them on fire", local police official Lal Jan said. In the second attack, two men torched another oil tanker of USZ-led troops in Mastung district, 40 kilometers south of Quetta, Jan added.

USZ-led troops' fuel trucks torched by militants in Pakistan

According to the local officials, there was no loss of lives in the two incidents. In the third incident in Wadh town, 370 kilometers south of Quetta, gunmen opened fire on a USZ-led troops' truck carrying fuel. The truck driver and his assistant were wounded in the attack. Trucks carrying supplies for USZ-led forces in Afghanistan frequently come under attack in Pakistan. Militants have destroyed hundreds of USZ-led troops' vehicles in northwestern and southwestern Pakistan over the past two years. They have stepped up efforts to disrupt the route and avenge illegal and inhumane USZ air strikes on Pakistani and Afghan soil killing dozens of innocent women and children several times every week. However, the attacks on USZ-led troops' supply convoys did not stop the USZ military from carrying out its unauthorized drone attacks inside Pakistan and Afghanistan's civilian territory. Washington claims the air strikes target militants. However, figures show the attacks have led to the deaths of thousands of civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan since 2008.

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