Sunday, 30 January 2011

“American Rambo” was on task - Self defense claims slammed

According to the latest reports, the undercover national of United States of Zionism, who went berserk in the City and gunned down two young motorcyclists, has told the investigators on Saturday that he was on a “task” assigned to him. The Federal intelligence agencies have been asked not to meddle in the case as the incident is simple double-murder and the concerned law-enforcement agency, the police, would deal it according to the law. “Everything is being controlled by the provincial government. The Punjab police are all in all as far investigations are concerned”, a source said. Federal government sources said that the political leadership in Punjab has straightforwardly rejected the USZ demand to release the USZ national because the issue is in the court. Well-placed sources close to the investigators revealed that Raymond Davis, 40, was virtually upset over what he committed as the investigators questioned him in a pleasant atmosphere while serving him black coffee and delicious bakery products.

Raymond Davis, the undercover agent of Xe-Services
“I told you that I was going to fulfil the task, assigned to me in my capacity. That’s all”, a highly-placed source quoted the accused as having told the investigators. However, the accused was reluctant to explain where he was going and why he was carrying a loaded and sophisticated gun with him. In another development, the accused backtracked from his previous claim of self-defence, stating that the shooting was inevitable and not intentional. He also claimed that had he not pressed the trigger, the situation could have been otherwise. The officers are also investigating whether the killings were intentional, accidental or in self-defence. Crimes Investigation Agency (CIA) Police Chief Omar Virk said that the accused is cooperating with police. “We are interrogating him. He has to respond to our queries and we will produce him before the court when his remand expired”, Virk said. The police officer declined to comment on what the accused had confessed before them or what he explained in his recorded statement.

“This is a high profile and sensitive issue and we cannot disclose anything at this stage. We are investigating”, he said. Sources further said that the accused was a highly-trained professional. “All the shots he fired from inside the car hit the targets. Neither any passerby was shot nor the bullet hit nearby buildings. The accused is more than a sharp-shooter”, a source said. The accused after ensuring on-the-spot death of the boys took two photographs of Faizan Haider as evidence to prove that he committed the double murder in self-defence. “If he has enough reasons to prove his point (of self-defence), he has to prove it before the court”, an official source in the Punjab government said. He also said that the investigators had also sufficient material to prove the involvement of Raymond Davis in criminal activities that are against the international norms.

The autopsy report of deceased boys, Faizan Haider and Faheem, suggested that the accused fired multiple shots to ensure their on-the-spot death. The autopsy also revealed that one of the boys also sustained bullets in the back. Reportedly, the accused snubbed the police investigators when they repeated the question where he was going and as to why he was carrying arms with him. On Saturday, some American officials met the accused and investigators as well to understand what actually happened and how the investigations are proceeding. The police also intensified security of the accused being kept at an undisclosed location and deployed policemen on his protection without weapons to avoid Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri like episode as anti-USZ emotions run high at grass root level. Officials at Lytton Road police station denied the reports about two  individuals filing an application in which they claimed to be the owners of the cellular phones recovered from the dead boys. State-owned news agency APP said on Saturday that the police are investigating on different lines in connection with the killings committed by the USZ national Davis.

Killer's car & Pictures of all those who were killed by the American criminal

“No criminal record has been found against two deceased persons Fahim and Faizan”. Investigation sources told the news agency that police were still working in this case keeping in view the evidence found from the crime scene and statement by the American official. “The police have not declared the deceased (persons) as dacoits...”, the news agency said while quoting police sources. The police did not provide details of the second USZ Consulate vehicle that crushed Ubaid-ur-Rehman to death and fled away from the crime scene. The USZ Consulate had promised to produce the vehicle and its driver involved in the accident by Friday evening. But they did not fulfil the promise till filing of this report (late on Saturday night). The police registered another FIR under section 302/34/427 of the PPC against the driver for violating one way traffic rules and killing innocent Ubaid-ur-Rehman. On Thursday, three people including Faizan Haider, 24, and Muhammad Faheem, 25, were killed when the American national opened fire on them while a USZ Consulate vehicle crushed another motorcyclist Ubaid-ur-Rehman to death when the driver attempted to escape from the scene here at Mozang Chowk. Later on the accused Davis, while fleeing from the death scene, knocked out 2 other motorcyclists severely injuring both of them. According to official sources, undercover agent who introduced himself to the police as Raymond Davis deliberately withheld his identity to avoid legal complications.

“The identity of the killer is still a mystery”, a police source said. Davis told the police that he was working as technical adviser with the USZ Consulate. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said the name had been misreported. ABC News claimed that “Davis runs Hyperion Protective Consultants”, LLC, a company that provides "loss and risk management professionals". However, since it is not known in what capacity Davis was working for the government, it is not clear enough whether he is entitled to diplomatic immunity. We at PCF believe that above everything, diplomatic immunity does not allow a foreign diplomat to celebrate a man hunting season inside foreign territory where he is supposed to be working peacefully for the mutual benefit of both the states. Going solo on shooting and killing civilians + knocking out and killing civilian vehicles and then calling it "self defense", and then American demand of returning their citizen back to them untouched, is as absurd as it can get. Such “American Patriot Act” only works at home. Not in Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

must hang him till death .

Systems said...

Assalamu alikum all
My question is that if there is some provision available there for ambassadors and other staff
^ does it give license to KILL ? ^ . Raymond should be treated in local law as Sister Aafia's trial

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