Friday, 28 January 2011

Barbaric USZ invaders uproot and destroy 5 kilometers of gardens and orchards in Ghazni

Reports arriving from Ghazni province say that barbaric American invaders uprooted and destroyed fruit bearing trees, gardens and orchards (sole means of living of poor and miserable Afghan people) starting from Khani Qala up to Kota Sangi area of Andarh district (about a 3 kilometer stretch) which has the fields of civilians to the left and right sides.

Poor Afghan fruit vendor awaiting customers

These trees were planted 12 years ago by the order of Mullah Muhammad Omar for the improvement of the lives of ordinary civilians. Similarly, a 1 kilometer area of civilian fields to the left and right of the area starting from Sinai village to the Kharwar road of Yadi district were also destroyed. Reports from Andarh add that the invaders also destroyed fields of civilians from Band Sardi center all the way up to Nizam Qarawla (1 kilometer area) which were also planted at the time of Taliban regime. It is worth mentioning that all these fields, gardens, trees and orchards belonged to the civilians and were destroyed in the time of harvest.

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