Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Forgotten purpose of independence

Being independent is a great gift from Allah which we are most fortunate to be blessed with. We have the freedom of choice and decision, it's up to us to become what we want. But the thing most of us forget is that along with freedom comes responsibility, honor, dignity and most importantly our ethical values which should be highly acknowledged.

Pakistan was passed on to us by our great ancestors who sacrificed their lives so we may live peacefully today. Why do we forget the basis on which Pakistan came into creation? People before us took risks at everything they owned without caring for what they had to lose, they continued to face a myriad of obstacles for Pakistan. They had their minds focused and nothing deterred them from achieving their dreams. The Hindus and Sikhs tried everything to put a stop our Muslim brothers and sisters but they had already committed themselves for a noble cause to which there was no end.

Our people endured pain, suffering and poverty because of the inhuman acts of our enemies who were and still are pitched at the lowest intellectual level or I rather use the word savages in their context. But our people valiantly fought in the name of Allah to create a separate homeland where Muslims could practice their religion freely. However, things today in Pakistan have taken the opposite direction. We have gone astray, chosen the path towards our own destruction, as a result we are going through calamitous experiences putting the prestige of our nation at risk each day. We have lost our ability to make the right decisions at the right time. Ask yourself why? Give a thought to how Pakistan was supposed to be and where do we stand now. What brought us to these circumstances? Where did each of us go wrong?

Its because we have forgotten our identity, our potential and our capabilities. The very first thing is that our identity is Islam, our faith is the most important thing to us. We were born as a Muslim and we would like to die with it and for it. We need to change our characters on what Islam teaches us to do.

Most of us follow what the non-Muslims and the western world says. Why do we feel proud of acting more like them then following our own ways. If they say "Music is food for the soul" or even "Everything is fair in Love and War", then why do we say the same thing when both of these ideas are nothing but rubbish if you give a thought to what they mean. Today when you ask little children that who is their hero or ideal, they reply you naming a bunch of actors from movies, especially Indian movies. They are the people who perform pathetically to display themselves as so called heroes in made up stories and most of them based on nothing close to reality. India has been our enemy before we even came into existence and to this day it still carries on with its ominous plans to destroy us as a nation. Then I would like to ask those people that why in the world do they keep on wasting their money on DVDs and television-cable connections to view them? They waste their precious time and call it entertainment but what about dignity and self-respect? Isn't that more important to you? Young children who are going to be the next generation of Pakistan have heroes like these freaks stuck in their minds instead of those people who proved themselves to be one. It's them who served the Muslim world and followed the path of righteousness. Indian media has infiltrated into our lives so tragically that the people have lost their way.

We still have time to change ourselves and stand for what we believe in. Pakistan is ours, it's our land. We cannot just sit back and watch America, India, Israel and even the filthy rich politicians ruling us ,from behind the scenes ruin it. Pakistan is our love, can we let anyone harm it? It's where we live, now who would be insane enough to let someone destroy their home and walk all over it before their very eyes? If it's fear holding you back, then kill it before it flourishes inside you and work towards the betterment and prosperity of our society. Show your enemies that who do they think they're messing with.

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