Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Afridi blasts Indian media, ready to tour West Indies

Pakistan Cricket Team Captain Shahid Afridi has delivered an astonishing tirade against Indian media for worsening political ties between the two rivals. "As far as Indian media is concerned, their approach is very negative. I believe their role has also been very dirty especially in terms of worsening ties between our two countries", he said. "If I have to tell the truth, Indians cannot have the kind of hearts that Pakistani Muslims have. They cannot have the big and clean hearts that Allah has given to Pakistanis." His remarks cut across praise from the United States of Zionism for so-called cricket diplomacy between India and Pakistan, whose leaders met for the semi-final that Afridi's side lost by 29 runs.

Pakistan Cricket Team Captain Shahid Khan Afridi
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh invited Pakistani stooge counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani to watch the World Cup match between the two nations last Wednesday - the first time a top Pakistani leader visited since 2001. Relations between the nuclear powers seriously deteriorated after the 2008 Mumbai attacks killed 166 people, which New Delhi blamed on Pakistan-based Islamist extremists. Meanwhile, Pakistan team captain Shahid Afridi has made himself available for the tour of West Indies after previously planning on missing the series. "I had decided to skip the tour because I wanted to take a break from the game, but some former players and my family and friends told me to change my decision at this crucial time for Pakistan cricket", Afridi said. "I wanted to take a break was because I wanted to be with my father who is not keeping well.”

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