Thursday, 7 April 2011

India terrorized by Chinese Army's presence at Kashmir Line of Control

Read on Pakistan Cyber Force Facebook Page

Indian Army's most senior commander Lt. General K. T. Pernaik has broken the explosive news to the Indian terrorist regime that Chinese Army is present at the Line of Control. Reports say that Indian regime is extremely disturbed by this new development as K.T. Pernaik said during a seminar address in Indian occupied Jamu that India faces its major threats from Pakistani and Chinese Army and now the presence of Chinese Army at Line of Control has "endangered India's safety and security". This move by China is one of the biggest dangers for India which India cannot afford to overlook. It is pedagogical to note that Indian sloppy blasphemy of "Akhand Bharat" is not only endangered by Chinese Army's presence at Line of Control but also by the increasing mutual military cooperation between Pakistani and Chinese Army.

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