Thursday, 21 April 2011

USZ dying trapped in a cul-de-sac - Detailed report

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This is an undeniable fact that we are living in a uni-polar world and USZ is merely called a super power, but this is also a fact that when you start poking your nose in every matter of the world, you increase your number of action fronts and the more the number of action fronts, the more difficult it becomes to manage them simultaneously. This happened to the late empire of USSR. And now after the drums of war seize in Libya, the same thing is going to cripple USZ. The current war going on in Libya is proving to be a disaster for USZ and its economy and the statement of Obama that "We do not want another is Iraq in Libya" is a clear indication that USZ is trapped in another long-lasting war. They considered Qaddafi to be an easy opponent, but the usage of F-22 raptors, which were never used in Iraq war, shows that USZ is in complete panic and they want to end this war as soon as possible.

Pakistan's Army and ISI's role in trapping USZ is worth mentioning here. ISI and CIA are at dagger's drawn these days. It all started some time ago, when USZ's proposal of an operation in North Waziristan was given a deaf ear by Pakistan's top military brass. It was very annoying for USZ as in the past they had to deal with a puppet M(B)usharraf, and most of their wishes were fulfilled. Let me give you a historic background of why Pakistan Army rejected this proposal. Pakistan Army held a successful operation in South Waziristan, and wiped out most of the CIA supported terrorists of TTP but in N.Waziristan, the situation is completely different. They are peaceful people and Pakistan Army is in peace agreement with them.

In M(B)usharraf's time Pakistan, a deliberate blunder pushed Pakistan into an endless flurry of violence which is still continuing. However, Pakistan had a peace accord with tribes in South Waziristan but they broke that accord by killing their leader Naik Muhammad. The tribes got furious on this and it is a fact that TTP started gaining control after this incident. Pakistani Armed Forces don't want to repeat that mistake again by launching an assault in North Waziiristan, and hence today's statement of America's Terrorist-in-Chief Mike Mullen that "ISI's relation with Haqqani Network in N.Waziristan is the core cause of PAK-USZ tension". Similarly, the tension created after the Raymond Davis episode also adds to it. Raymond was released but ISI increased its might in the area, and now very soon, around 500 CIA operatives are about to be forced to leave Pakistan which will decrease CIA's control in this region even further.

ISI seems to be in an aggressive mood now. They threatened USZ about the drone attacks. ISI chief General Pasha visited USZ to decrease the tension and make USZ accept some of its terms, but they were rejected and the recent drone attack created a rage in Pakistan's Military brass. The tension increased even more when Pakistan Arm was hunting TTP terrorists in Bajuar Agency but they crossed the border and were given shelter in USZ military camps. According to latest reports received by PCF, there has been a fierce battle between Pakistan and NATO forces on Pakistan-Afghan border, in KUNAR province of Afghanistan. In this battle, Afghan Mujahideen fought shoulder-to-shoulder with Pakistan Armed forces, and drove back the terrorists invaders. Additional reports say that Pakistan captured half of Kunar province before the ceasefire!!

The war in Afghanistan is also creating panic in USZ administration as the Mujahideen are gaining control killing thousands of terrorist invaders in 2011. This is proving to be the worst year for USZ in Afghanistan. All these facts reveal that USZ is now completely trapped in a cul-de-sac and there is no way to escape, and its downfall and balkanization is not very far away. The question arises that "What should common Pakistanis do?" The answer is simple: be prepared for a High Intensity Conflict that is just around the corner and it will be imposed directly by USZ on Pakistan!! This war is now inevitable because of USZ desperateness.

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