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{EOB}1313 USZ soldiers, 540 puppets killed; 118 tanks, military bases wrecked in Afghanistan; Enemy death toll crosses 22375 in 2011

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As Operation Badar gains more and more momentum, it is becoming more obvious that Americans and their allies are clearly fighting a defensive and reactive battle in Afghanistan. Despite loud yet fake and hollow claims made by the Americans and their allies, Mujahideen have now managed to gain firm control over most part of Afghanistan with the stooge regime and terrorist invaders limited to a small part of Kabul and a few other traces of land in central Afghanistan. Mujahideen destroyed dozens of enemy bases in the battle besides shooting down enemy helicopters, drones, wrecking dozens of military, fuel and supply trucks as well as wrecking dozens of military vehicles inflicting deadly damages and casualties on the enemies. Several high profile military personnel of cowardly puppets including commanders and security officials of multiple provinces as well as many agents of NDS, a USZ-NATO backed local spy agency, were killed in the battle. On the other hand, Americans and their cowardly puppets continued their night raids on innocent non-combatant civilians and repeatedly raped underaged Afghan girls aged 12 and below. Several elders were brutally murdered besides Americans looted civilian homes and stole jewellery and other valuables as per their trademark battle maneauvers.

These reports are sent by Mujahideen official spokesmen Zabihullah Mujahid and Qari Yousuf Ahmadi along with some other highly informed on-ground sources in Afghanistan (from 2nd June till 12th June, 2011).


An American patrol convoy annihilated by Mujahideen planted IED

A USZ patrol vehicle annihilated by Mujahideen roadside bomb attack

The NATO chopper which was shot down in Afghanistan
A vehicle carrying terrorist invaders and their puppets which was wrecked in the Mujahideen attack on June 11


A USZ patrol convoy destroyed by Mujahideen planted IED

Jawad Zahak, the puppet head
of the provincial council of Bamiyan

  • Jawad Zahak, the puppet head of the provincial council of Bamiyan was captured a couple of days ago in Siyagard district of Parwan and was killed on Monday night amid inquiries by Mujahideen who were compelled to do so as a result of the USZ-NATO terrorist invaders and their local puppets beginning to harass the ordinary civilians, the reports indicate. Meantime, the chief of the police of Siyagard district was killed by Mujahideen along with some of his policemen in an attempt to free the target that used to have reputation for torturing the civilians and Mujahideen and has been involved in brutal activities against Mujahideen. The target is said to have been beheaded by Mujahideen while, in fact, he was shot and killed.
  • A roadside bomb detonated by Mujahideen blew up one of the enemy’s vehicles killing or wounded all those travelling in the vehicle, the report said, adding that as soon as another group of the puppets gathered around the struck vehicle to retrieve the dead and wounded, there was another remote-controlled blast killing 9 puppets and wounding 12 more in Kohi Safi district of Parwan province on Thursday.
  • More than 5 cowardly puppets are said to have been killed in an attack that was carried out on the district center of Shinwari in Parwan on Thursday.
A NATO attack helicopter which was shot down in Afghanistan by Mujahideen in Parwan province earlier
A NATO chopper carrying troops which was shot down by Mujahideen in Parwan province.

  • June 04 – At least 2 USZ terrorist invaders were killed and another got hurt in an attack by Mujahideen on the enemy patrol in Khinj district of Panjshir province on Friday evening.

  • June 04 – Mujahideen Saturday overran 2 of the enemy’s outposts killing 6 puppets in Juzjan’s Qush Tifa district.
  • June 07 – At least 4 NATO terrorist invaders got killed on Tuesday as their tank was hit by IED blast in Aqcha district of northern Juzjan district of Afghanistan, the report said.

  • June 07 – Later on Monday at around 7:00 pm, Mujahideen fought a half-hour long battle wth the puppet forces killing about a dozen of the cowardly puppets besides seizing an arms and ammo with 2 motorcycles from the possession of the enemy in Tashqurghan province o Samangan province.
  • June 09 – At least 13 USZ-led terrorist invaders and their puppets were killed in a clash with Mujahideen as the enemy was trying to invade civilians house in Darah Souf district of Samangan province on Wednesday.

  • June 09 – 2 of the puppets were killed and several more got wounded in a clash with Mujahideen that occurred in Dashti Arachi district of Kunduz province on Wednesday.

  • June 09 – A report from Nooristan province indicate that 4 policemen of the ANP surrendered themselves to Mujahideen with their arms ammo in the provincial capital of Nooristan province.
  • June 10 – At least 3 puppets were killed Friday morning in Do Ab district of Nooristan province when the district headquarter came under heavy arms fire by Mujahideen.

  • June 04 – Mujahideen clashed with puppet police last night in Pashtoon Kot’s Miyan Dara area. As a result 2 puppets were killed and their horse was seized by Mujahideen.
  • In Chilgazi’s Sailjar area, an ISAF terrorist invaders' tank was destroyed by a mine, killing all 5 terrorist invaders onboard at 01:00 pm today.

  • June 04 – Mujahideen reporting from Noor Khelo area of Maqur district say that later this morning time, a USZ tank was obliterated in a mine attack, instantly killing all 7 terrorist invaders onboard including their puppets translator.
  • June 05 – Mujahideen from Badghis provincial center (Qala Naw) say that they clashed with USZ terrorist invaders this morning until afternoon time in which 1 terrorist invader was killed and another wounded with no casualties sustained by Mujahideen.
  • Mujahideen in Marghab district’s Tangi area clashed with puppet police, causing them fatal casualties, the exact numbers of which are not known. Another report adds that a NATO logistical vehicle was burnt down in the provincial capital, Qala Naw.
  • June 11 – Reports from Badghis province say that Mujahideen detonated a remote-controlled mine on the convoy of Badghis provincial assistant governor in Qala Naw at 01:30 pm yesterday, destroying 1 vehicle, in which the assistant governor was supposedly travelling, killing 2 puppet policemen and wounding 1 more however the fate of the assistant governor is not known.

  • June 04 – Puppet Colonel Atta Gul, a very active member of the spy agency (NDS) was assassinated in an armed attack at 08:00 am this morning in Kakarhano bazaar of Shinkot district.
  • June 12 – Reports arriving from Ghor province say that Mujahideen in Dawlina district’s Zano Nawa and Taida bazaar area conquered all enemy security check posts yesterday in an operation which lasted all day, at the end of which all military equipment inside the posts was seized. A Mujahid was martyred in the operation (may Allah accept him) with 2 others injured however the number of enemy casualties caused is not known.

  • June 10 – Mujahideen in Siyad district ambushed a local police patrol in Khwaja Gana area yesterday during which 8 cowardly puppets were killed besides 2 Mujahideen embraced martyrdom in the gunfight (May Allah grant them the highest rank in Jannah).
Overall at least 1313 USZ-NATO terrorist invaders were killed between 2nd and 12th June, 2011. At least 540 cowardly puppets lost their lives in the battle as well besides 118 tanks were annihilated by Mujahideen bomb and mine attacks. 2 Spy drones, many helicopters, dozens of enemy logistical and military vehicles as well as dozens of military bases and check posts were wrecked in Afghanistan. The death toll of USZ-NATO led terrorist invaders and their cowardly puppets in the year 2011 has raced up to 1313 + 540 + 20522 = 22,375. With allies completely defensive in Afghanistan and global economy on the verge of crash yet again, it is not difficult to say at this point in time that the Graveyard of Empires has already swallowed another super power into its grave in Afghanistan. It's now only a matter of time before the Mujahideen declare victory in Afghanistan and humiliated terrorist invaders either surrender or get buried in their mass grave inside Afghanistan.

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