Monday, 13 June 2011

{EOB}Afghanistan: 57 killed, 78 USZ vehicles wrecked in Mujahideen attack on one of the largest ever supply convoys

A recent report from Wardag province sates as many as 32 fuel trucks got burned down and more that 40 oil tankers with 6 military rangers were left fully wrecked, whereas more that 25 security guards, 30 drivers and two puppets of ANA were killed with several dozens fatally wounded during a five-hour long fighting that was underway aiming at one of the largest US-NATO invaders military supply convoys in different parts of Wardag province’s Syedabad district including Sheikhabad, Taaj Bagi, Aka Khel, Mamli Khel, Salar, Yousuf Khel and so on.

Live photos from Wardag, Afghanistan
One of the Mujahids has been wounded, while the rest safely returned, the report pointed out, adding that Mujahideen seized some arms and ammo from the possession of the enemies.

More details in this upcoming Afghan War Coverage report inshAllah.

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