Sunday, 26 June 2011

[EOB]Feelings Of Pakistani Soldier Standing At Border:Read It CareFully

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“You may criticise me and Pak Army for everything that has gone wrong in this country, but please don’t abuse my mother, who sent me to fight for the cause of this beautiful

 land we call Pakistan, who sent me to face the bullets on my chest and not on my back, who sent me to remain awake the whole night so that you can sleep without fear, who sent me to bear the brunt of bone chilling and freezing cold so that you can criticize me and my commanders in your cushy drawing rooms over a cup of hot coffee or a bucket full of ice cream, who sent me to keep the star and crescent fluttering on the rugged mountains of FATA and Kashmir so that you could sing the songs of Aman ki Asha with Indian tricolour adoring your TV screens, she sent me to watch my comrades lay their lives and satiate the Pak land with pure red blood so that you could celebrate your son’s graduation from an American university over a cup of pure red wine, she sent me to receive my coffin wrapped in the Green Flag so that you could stash your Swiss accounts with millions of dollars…..”
so we should support our army at our best, don't see what media (the fifth columnist is takin about , it doing propaganda against our beloved pak armed forces. stay Pakistani patriot and do your job well for this madina e sani (Pakistan).

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