Thursday, 16 June 2011

{EOB}Hackers Took Down CIA Website

WRITER | Anonymous 
Washington (CNN) -- Computer hackers who promise "high-quality entertainment at your expense" claimed to have taken down the Central Intelligence Agency website in support of WikiLeaks, but as of Thursday morning, the website appeared to be operating normally.

"WikiLeaks supporters, LulzSec, take down CIA... who has task force into WikiLeaks," the hackers, who call themselves "Lulz Security," said on Twitter late Wednesday.

WikiLeaks, Julian Assange's group that facilitates the release of secret information, reposted the message on its own Twitter feed.

About an hour later, they said, "Goodnight twitter. The CIA anti-lizards will probably rise from the packet sea while we rest our shining-yet-saturated power field arrays."

CIA spokesman Preston Golson would only say, "We are looking into the reports."

The Lulz Boat claimed credit last month for hacking the PBS news website in the United States and posting a story saying that rapper Tupac Shakur -- who has been dead for nearly 15 years - was alive and living in New Zealand.

That hack followed a PBS documentary on WikiLeaks. Lulz Boat said it was "less than impressed" with the program, "WikiSecrets."

Source: CNN

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