Wednesday, 15 June 2011

{EOB}Israhell legalizing drugs

WRITER | Enticing Fury
A special committee has been tasked with studying the prospect of legalizing 'soft drugs' in Israhell as traditional methods of fighting drugs continue to fail. Following a major rise in the number of drug addicts amongst the Israhelli population, several members of the Israhelli Parliament (Knesset) have called for the formation of a special anti-drug committee to consider legalizing the possession and use of soft narcotics. They have described the existing anti-drugs mechanisms in Israhell as ineffective and obsolete.

Knesset members argue that the traditional policies employed in the fight against drugs have not only failed to reduce drug consumption but also led to an alarming rise in organized crime. They have also asked for the committee to make an assessment into the position of soft drugs in society compared to cigarettes and alcohol. Many advocates of drug legalization argue that the prohibition of drugs is the backbone of organized crime and drug trafficking. They argue that taxing soft drugs would pay for public education on the issue of drug use.

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