Monday, 6 June 2011

{EOB}Patriots show support for Pak-Army & ISI in Islamabad Rally

Friday, May 13th, 2011
In the federal capital of Pakistan, patriotic citizens of Pakistan held a rally on constitution avenue in the favor of Pakistan Army and ISI, here on Thursday. The constitution avenue which was used formerly by civil society to chant slogans against the ISI and Army in M(B)usharraf reign was today used to support Pakistan Army, the participants made it clear that they support Pakistan in this difficult time and they will not fall to the deception of the enemy that has been created by media and other enemy tools of disinformation to defame Pakistan Army. Sources from Islamabad said that it was one of the largest mass gatherings of patriots in front of constitution avenue in a long time.

Pakistani patriots chanting sky shaking slogans in favor of Pakistan Army and ISI
The participants of the rally were holding playcards and banners on which pro-Pakistan Army statements were written. It gave a crystal clear message to USZ that the people of Pakistan stand by their Armed Forces and they are always ready to sacrifice their lives in hard times. The participants also made it clear that Pakistan Army is a national asset, and they will not let this incompetent government to put all the blame of their incompetency on the Army. They had playcards like Long live Pakistan Army, Pakistan Army we salute you and other similar slogans.

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