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{EOB}Pak-Army vs Media, WikiJokes Gang - commentary & Analysis

Just a few months before 9/11 drama, American paid so called Pakistani Media Channels started launching their broadcast one after another, taking over Pakistan's state television The PTV Network within a matter of months. However no less than 2-3 years after their deployment, was their agenda really exposed in front of the Pakistani public as per trademark maneuvers of deception and psychological manipulation which call for gradual shift of projected ideas, instead of right up from the beginning, in order to drag the perception of masses along with it. It is very important otherwise if a media outlet starts going in the wrong direction from the very beginning, the viewers might totally abandon it, quit letting their families watch it or some might even call for its ban, therefore it's very important to shift the outgoing message gradually and slowly from good to "business" so that the illiterate masses, oblivious of propaganda warfare, can stick with it till their inevitable mental + physical annihilation.

Pakistan Army vs Israhelli backed WikiJokes and Pakistani traitor media gang

Pakistan media has been following the textbook of deception and psychological maneuvering fantastically well so far ever since its deployment and broadcast initiation. However now, many media groups have gradually shifted gears and are now openly working against the interests of Pakistan, blindly manipulating a large number of their mindless followers. The primary targets are 4 besides dozens of other filthy intentions of annihilating roots of Islam through disgustingly rubbish so called Islamic Talk Shows and "ulama" gatherings who don't have the nerve to talk about revival of Caliphate but do know how Shia/Sunni hatred can be fanned:

  1. Ideology of Pakistan ( Media: there was no need of partition, so lets get the hell back together with India )
  2. Identify of Pakistan (Media: We are Muslims, so what? Islam teaches to "be peaceful" as long as the enemy is not attacking our own house. That's the way to go, so just stay in homes no matter if other Muslims are being butchered, so what? We are peaceful sheep and its good to let enemies take control of you because we're so peaceful )
  3. Demonizing Pakistan Army / ISI (Media: Who in the hell wants Army / ISI anyway? We are spending billions of rupees on them. Let's quit having an army so that we can give our children proper worldly education in order to make them better slaves of the New World Order, better money making machines who can serve the offshore banking cartels. Let our enemies attack us. We are peaceful. Oh yes, let's give away our Nukes. We are peaceful. When they'll come to attack us, we the media men will run away and go sit in their pockets and let you sheep get killed ruthlessly. Get it? )
  4. Softening up the masses for future invasion of Pakistan (Media: Get scared all of you sheeple, get depressed to such an extent that even if the Anti-Christ himself comes to "save" you from your "army", you welcome him with open arms. That's why we do live postmortems with our butcher journalists after every orchestrated bomb blast about which the bombers are informed later and the media is informed in advance ).

There is no accountability for the media. Just after the OBL circus unfolded, many confusions were deliberately created by the alligators sitting in the talk shows in remote controlled media outlets of Pakistan to malign the credibility of Pakistan Army, (Media: because we want to get rid of it, dammit!). Instead of addressing the real matters like OBL was dead for nearly a decade (EU Times Report), to the public, the media shamelessly and very much as expected, started blaming Army and ISI, callingthe 8th time death of a 10 years old corpse a complete failure of ISI. And indeed it is as disgusting as it sounds here. 9/11 was not a failure of C.I.A, 26/11 was not a failure of RAW, but OBL false flag drama was (Media: Because we are peaceful alligators hungry for your blood and another $50 billion in the upcoming war against Islam ).

Express Tribune is clearly starting to show for some months now that they really put their money where their mouth is. When all the false propaganda was given a death blow by the patriotic people of Pakistan who rejected all the false reports against Pakistan Army by exposing the false flag Abbotabad operation, WikiJokes came with a new perfectly timed psychological attack by saying that “General Kiyani wanted more drone strikes in Pakistan” whereas it's on record that Kayani not only condemned it but also did what he did to the American terrorists through ISI ( How many of you sheeple know that Uranium U235 was confiscated from Raymond Davis who was about to carry out a false flag nuclear attack through CIA's own TTP in order to pave the way for an international anti-christ attack against Pakistan's Nuclear Assets? Exactly! Who saved Pakistan? Exactly! The ISI DID! INDEED THAT'S A BIG FAILURE FROM MEDIA AND AMERICAN POINT OF VIEW! SO DO YOU REPRESENT AMERICAN TERRORISTS OR YOURSELF? THINK! ).

A conniving mind can easily read through the apparently blank looking slate of this new cable released by WikiJokes at such a crucial time. With Army's hands tied up in multiple insurgencies and the mad dog Zardari occupying the Commander in Chief post in Pakistan, Pak-Army is being forced to stay involved in the battles at borders because Army is surely unable to run the country when it's involved in multiple wars at the same time. This was however, a perfect time to hype up propaganda against Pakistan Army (Media: Yes, we can't let you know about this fact that our hero Zardari is the Commander in Chief of Pakistan's Armed Forces, thanks to M(B)usharraf's meddling with 1973 constitution, and Pak-Army is caught up in multiple insurgencies. We don't want to let you know, because we want to kill both you and your Army. Got a problem? You can't do anything! We the alligators call the shots here! ) This particular WikiJokes cable was launched just when the protest against drone attacks was gaining momentum in the streets of Pakistan by none other than the USZ stooge newspaper Express Tribune.

Let's take a quick look at the background of Express Tribune in order to understand their real agenda.Express Tribune belongs to International Herald Tribune, which is jointly owned by New York Times and Washington Post, and these two newspapers are considered to be the right hand of USZ government in print media. It would not be wrong if we say that Express Tribune is directly controlled by the Pentagon and a pro-USZ lobby is at the forefront in Express Tribune these days. Journalists talking sanity and rationality are stuffed with a cork tagged with the label "Conspiracy Theorist" in their mouths before they're finally kicked out from the tribune.

This is an open secret that WikiJokes is a front for CIA & MOSSAD, Daily Telegraph of UK reports. And their fake baseless cable was published by none other than the Express Tribune, makes Express Tribune no less than the same for all practical purposes i.e., CIA & MOSSAD operated media outlet. Pakistan Army immediately blasted this white lie and ordered some of the USZ training officers to immediately leave Pakistan. The repeated rhetoric of Obama bin Laden (Yes, thats true unless he brings a real birth certificate proving otherwise) that Pakistan should do more, clearly indicates the intentions of the rapidly dying empire of United States of Zionism which wants to hurt the enemies of Israhell by hook or by crook before it has no more financial as well as military power left to do it. Therefore they'll go at it when they can while they can. And Pakistan being the only ideological Islamic state on the face of this planet which can practically threaten the globally spreading cancer of Zionism, having humungous amount of natural fuel and coinage metal resources besides having world's 6th largest and the most professional Army, naturally is the first target.

We know where USZ is heading to. It's a shame that arrogant empires can't bend their heads a bit to see what's in front of them, a step forward or a black hole of economic and interior destruction. We are very happy to see where USZ is going, good riddance! However we are warning the Express Tribune here. Your destiny is going to be with your masters. Pakistan has come to stay. And it's the enemies of Pakistan who have always vanished throughout the history of this very young Islamic state. So, be careful what you wish for, because you just might, and surely will, get it!

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