Friday, 10 June 2011


A Patriotic Eye

Dilating pupil of an elderly eye
Wrinkles around, tears of pride
Counting faithful deeds done
Emitting light, better vision

Foundation laid in the name of Islam!
A nation named, beloved “Pakistan”
Immigrants greeted, reaching motherland
Refreshing the event of Arabian land

Thousands killed, we never mourned
Ready for hazards of newly born
Thriving nation for ultimate goal
Sports or science! On the role

Future is the young generation
Jinnah, said it all, as Father of the nation
Elderly eye, dejected and dismal
Could not yield, men of principle

They ask from elders” what we got from this land”?
Not enough for them! They can call it homeland
Nurtured and bloomed on this very soil
Not ready! To own, sacrifice and toil

Not everybody is same! Eye blinked with hope
They are not for sale against piece of loaf
Patriot peaks with sacrifice
Give bloods and brains, sweat and rise


Written by
Jawad Raza Khan

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