Sunday, 24 July 2011

3 Americans barred from entering Peshawar - Warning issued to USZ Consulate

Peshawar (ANN + INP) - All those 3 American Citizens who tried to invade Peshawar through motorway last week and were stopped by Motorway Police and Law Enforcement Agencies for not having the NOC, now tried to enter Peshawar through the air route. Sarah Seden, Kevin Leo and Scholak Howard were traveling through the land route towards Peshawar last week when their vehicle was intercepted and sent back to Islamabad.

After a few days, all three of them landed onto the Peshawar Airport through PIA flight PK 689 however the Security Agencies stopped them for once again, having no NOC and proper documents. All three of these USZ citizens were then instantly sent back to Islamabad whereas the American Consulate in Peshawar has been issued a legal warning in this matter.
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