Tuesday, 12 July 2011

[EOB] “America wants to weaken Pakistan”, Pakistan Army blasts New York Times

DG ISPR Major General Athar Abbas blasted New York Times' malicious reports against Pakistan and said that this is a well thought out American game to weaken Pakistan. American media reports are a direct attack on Pakistan's sovereignty and security. In an interview with Reuters, DG ISPR said:
DG ISPR Major General Athar Abbas
These reports of New York Times are a direct attack on Pakistan's security and intelligence agencies. He said that in the recent weeks, New York Times has quoted several unnamed American officials and on the basis of these quotes, it has presented some preposterous claims in the form of news headlines all of which target Pakistan and its security agencies. He said that in most of such reports by New York Times, only unnamed American officials are quoted which is itself a big question mark on the credibility of New York Times.
DG ISPR brought up the fake reporting done by New York Times in 2004 against Iraq and the way New York Times had to retract its reports admitting that they were baseless. DG ISPR warned that:
If New York Times does not immediately halt its malicious and baseless propaganda campaign against Pakistan then it will have to say sorry one more time just like it had to do in 2004. The newspaper has continuously been publishing fictitious and preposterous reports which are far from ground reality and consist of sheer negative propaganda against Pakistan Army and ISI. The interesting fact is that all of these reports have been quoted from “unnamed American officials” although it is against the norms of fair journalism. No media outlet is allowed to publish reports on such sensitive issues without quoting solid sources. I hope New York Times and other such propaganda media outlets will halt their baseless propaganda campaign against Pakistan. However, if they don't, then they will definitely have to say sorry in the future, all of them.

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