Saturday, 16 July 2011

[EOB] Indian Spy Asma Lata arrested in Pakistan - “Aman Ki Asha” undressed

WRITER | Enticing Fury
According to latest reports from APP, a Pakistani Hindu Pashtu Singer named Asma Lata, who was also a member of the notorious "Aman ki Asha" deception scam by India against Pakistan, turned out to be an Indian spy. Law enforcement agencies revealed to the media that during a successful raid, the law enforcement agencies seized extremely sensitive equipment, maps, some highly sensitive documents and a large sum of American, Indian and Pakistani currency from her custody.
Sources told the media that Asma Lata had completed her secret mission of deploying a terrorist and miscreant network and was now about to flee the country as she had obtained tickets to India. But before she could flee, law enforcement agencies raided and arrested the culprit. Sources revealed that the Indian spy has now been shifted to an undisclosed location for more investigation.

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