Saturday, 9 July 2011

[EOB] Pakistan Army targets CIA Terrorists in NWA

WRITER | Enticing Fury
Pakistan Army backed by attack helicopters clashed with CIA-RAW backed TTP terrorists in the main town of North Waziristan tribal district on Wednesday, witnesses and officials said. The clashes came one day after a bomb killed three soldiers and although military officials confirmed troops were in action, there was rightfully no sign it was the start of a major operation, long demanded by Washington. In fact, Washington wants Pakistan Army to target the Haqqani network which consists of pro-Pakistan patriotic tribes in order to engage Pakistan Army in a civil war in this region to soften things up for a “humanitarian” invasion by the NWO vultures. North Waziristan, the most hyped of seven tribal districts on the Afghan border by the Zionist mainstream media, is a stronghold of the Haqqanis, who are rubbishly linked to AL-CIA-DA by the Zionist mainstream media to justify their propaganda in front of their illiterate audience. However, Pakistan has resisted USZ pressure to launch a sweeping offensive in the area.
 Let's get it straight: No country attacks its own loyal frontline soldiers only because a particular chain of media outlets blames it to be a part of the CIA's terror Boogieman AL-CIA-DA.
Witnesses said Wednesday’s clashes broke out after troops started to blow up a private hospital used by the CIA-RAW backed TTP terrorists, one day after a nearby bomb attack killed three troops and wounded another 15. It should be kept very clear at this point that the Haqqanis have never attacked Pakistan Army or any other Pakistani assets in their history in fact they fought shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan Army in every battle that it has fought so far against enemies of Pakistan. One local resident said he saw two gunship helicopters shelling an abandoned government school, where TTP terrorists were holed up, targeting soldiers.Another witness said TTP terrorists fired on a helicopter from a roof top in the main market, where traders were trapped by the fighting and locals said they feared civilian casualties.
                              Authorities ordered an indefinite curfew and told residents to stay at home, in announcements made throughout the afternoon by loudspeaker on mosques as the clashes, at times heavy, continued into a fifth hour. In one street, a witness said he saw six TTP terrorists fire on troops and saw one fighter being shot and killed. Pakistan has been long pressured by the international humanitarian circus clowns including USZ, NATO, France, Italy and UK to do more in the region, and of course, without highlighting the deception created by TTP whose only aim is to somehow spark a fight between Pakistan Army and the Haqqanis in the region in order to weaken both the Haqqanis and the Army to facilitate the cult of "humanitarian" terrorists in yet another "humanitarian" invasion into Pakistan under the fake pretext of "safeguarding Pakistan's Nukes" when at the same time American nukes are the most unsafe at this point in time.

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