Sunday, 17 July 2011

[EOB] Russia blasts USZ as Western Civilization approaches Complete Collapse

In a withering speech before members of the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow, Prime Minister Putin branded the United States of Zionism's current monetary policy as “hooliganism”and stated:
“We, thankfully or not, cannot print a reserve currency. But what are they (the Americans) doing? They simply spit nails, turn on the printing press and throw money to the world, in order to resolve their urgent problems.”
The United States of Zionism printing of money out of thin air is called Quantitative Easing (QE) and is an unconventional monetary policy tool used to stimulate their national economy since conventional monetary policy has become ineffective. The USZ Federal Reserve began their policy of Quantitative Easing by purchasing financial assets from banks and other private sector businesses with new money that it had created electronically, but which has no hard assets backing it up. Though the USZ began the practice of creating money out of thin air after the Great Economic Collapse of 2008, it has not been alone as the Bank of England, The European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan have, likewise, over the past nearly 3 years printed in excess of over $4 Trillion in currency that when joined with the $5 Trillion printed by the Americans have left our world awash in paper money that has near worthless value.

According to top Russian economists, the greatest danger posed to the entire global economic structure by the Western nations flooding world markets with near worthless money is the staggering weight it has put on those few currencies that our based on sound measures and backed with real worth, but whose markets are now flooded with foreign buyers seeking safety for their assets, which at the same time is pricing their products out of reach due to the appreciation of their money. Perhaps no nation has been hurt more than the South American nation of Brazil whose economy remains one of the soundest in the entire world, but whose Finance Minister, Guido Mantega, warned this past week that the “global currency war shows no signs of ending” and are, indeed, about to get worse.Unbeknownst to the vast majority of Western peoples is that for the first time in history their entire civilization is on the brink of total collapse as the United States of Zionism, Europe and Japan are all poised to see their economies crash, and there is no one in the world that can stop it.

The worst, by far, of this triad of global powers that underpin the entire Western World is the United States of Zionism whose debt woes can only be described in the most apocalyptic of terms as their total debt is over $54 Trillion and their unfunded liabilities have reached the impossible to pay amount of $114 Trillion. Not being understood by the American people about this crisis is that it centers on the $114 Trillion owed to them under what are called entitlement programmes, such as Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, which all are insolvent as the monies paid into them over these past 5 decades have been looted to pay for wars, corporate subsidies, tax breaks for their elite classes, and too many other extravagant programmes to mention. Even worse for these unsuspecting Americans is that in the 1960 USZ Supreme Court Case titled Flemming v. Nestor (363 U.S. 603)  the Court ruled that they do not have any “earned rights” to any  Social Security benefits, or any other government entitlement programme, as their perceived benefits were a“non-contractual interest.” The Court further declared:
“To engraft upon the Social Security system a concept of ‘accrued property rights’ would deprive it of the flexibility and boldness in adjustment to ever-changing conditions which it demands.”
The current “ever-changing conditions” spoken of by the USZ Supreme Court in their 1960 decision in regards to Social Security, and other entitlement programmes, owed to the American taxpayers, who actually paid for them in the first place, allows their government to wipe them out entirely and, instead, give these Trillions-of-dollars to the “too big to fail” banks, corporations and financial elite who looted all of this wealth in the first place. It is, also, important to note that since that fateful 1960 USZ Supreme Court decision the USZ has used the vast wealth of their Social Security system to wage unrelenting and continued war to expand their empire, but at the cost of destroying their own nation. Though the United States of Zionism is the largest of the Western nations rushing toward total economic collapse they are far from being alone as the European Union today stands on the brink of oblivion and the catastrophic disasters of nuclear meltdowns, earthquake and tsunami damage have all but eviscerated Japan from ever rising again as a major power.

To the most catastrophic outcome now being faced by the Western world is their fulfilling the “vision” of the German Marxist political theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels who in their 1848 book Manifesto of the Communist Party (most commonly known as “The Communist Manifesto”) advocated the destruction of capitalistic societies through the exact means we are now witnessing, and which include economic collapse to followed by civil unrest which would then allow the elite classes to seize power and enslave all of their citizens. This was also predicted by one of the mightiest of saints and poet that ever stepped foot on the subcontinent Allama Muhammad Iqbal (r.a) who prophecised that the Western Civilization will commit suicide with its own dagger because a civilization based upon capitalism cannot last very long.

The American public school system indoctrinates children into the agenda that the federal government wants for them. Both the national department of education and the state level departments of education adhere to an outcome based education model where excellence in not rewarded and lackluster performance is not dealt with in the proper manner so kids don’t get their feelings hurt. The whole standard of “equalization” is drilled into these children’s heads through the public school system so by the time they graduate they are “socialized” having no context of who they are supposed to be as American citizens. The next “stage,” so to speak, for the total destruction of America is the igniting of mass civil unrest, and which one of the United States of Zionism's top statesmen, and National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter,  Zbigniew Brzezinski warned is about to happen when this past week he predicted that middle class unrest caused by economic disenfranchisement would soon hit America.

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