Friday, 22 July 2011

Epic Hypocrisy - Zionist UN cashes in Somalian Famine to boost its falling credibility

After butchering millions in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine and Pakistan's "humanitarian" drone attacks, the Zionist UN has called for immediate action to contain the “widespread famine” in the Horn of Africa, where some 12 million people are in need of emergency aid in the drought-hit region. It is ironic to note that this area has been in need of emergency aid ever since America toppled the popular Somalian leader Siad Baree (former fighter in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union) and pushed Somalia into the crisis in which it is today.

Talk about double standards. On Wednesday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on donor countries to immediately come up with $1.6 billion in aid for two regions in Somalia, which are declared famine zones, AFP reported. "Nearly half of the population -- 3.7 million people -- are now in crisis", said Ban, adding that "This will have an increasingly devastating effect, not only in Somalia but also in neighboring countries. We need donor support to address current needs and prevent a further deterioration of the crisis. Humanitarian agencies need urgent funding to save lives. If funding is not made available for humanitarian intervention now, the famine is likely to continue and spread”, the UN secretary general added. Who knows whether this money is being gathered for Somalians or for NATO so that it can continue its bombings in Libya and Afghanistan? Of course that is so very “humanitarian” also as Obama has been Baracking about it all year long.

We shared an article earlier about the Zionist owned International Red Cross which is the well known crisis cashing machine however the article was deleted by google due to “humanitarian” violation. Here is another version of the article which is indirectly related to this charade because that too is a Zionist institution just like the UN which is a silent spectator of Israhell's arrest campaign against Palestinian minors which is of course, absolutely serving “humanity” and killing gentile. On Wednesday, the UN declared two regions of southern Somalia in a famine due to the worst drought in decades but at the same time, it supports genocide in Palestine where Israhell arrests Palestinian children as young as 6 years old and puts them in jail. It is about time that the world wakes up and looks through this scam of United Nations which is fooling the world at the same time fulfilling the agenda of the Zionist imperialists by disgustingly twisting the terms "humanity" and "terror" to achieve its diabolical goals. The UN is now desperately pulling all the strings available in order to support its rapidly falling worldwide credibility but it is too late now.

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