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New York Times Caught Red Handed spreading CIA propaganda on Norway Carnage

An American investigative blogger uncovers how the New York Times tried to link the Norway attack to a Muslim group that doesn’t exist and then how it quietly pulled the story later from its online edition, without offering an apology. Alexander Higgins, also uncovers how two other news outlets, one American and the other British, continued to demonize Muslims hours after a Christian extremist was arrested.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—In the first few hours after a Christian terrorist killed tens of Norwegians, the New York Times published a report claiming an unknown Muslim group, Ansar al-Jihad al-Aalami [Supporters of Global Jihad] has claimed responsibility for the attack. Within a couple of hours of the attack, an online report warned that CIA and its broadsheets in the USZ media will exploit the attack to garner European support for the failing Afghan war.

This is exactly what many CIA-affiliated websites and ‘translation companies’ have been doing for the past decade, translating claims of responsibility after every terrorist attack anywhere in the world. As expected, the New York Times published this claim quoting an unknown American analyst who said he saw the claim of responsibility on a website in Arabic and that he translated it into English. The truth is that an ordinary discussion forum in Arabic, like millions of similar online forums, published what appears to be a celebratory note on the Norway attack arguing the attack was punishment for all the wrong done in Libya and Afghanistan, the two wars where Norway is a participant by default because of its NATO membership.

But nowhere in the Arabic was text there a claim of responsibility. Also, the person who posted the text in Arabic used a fake name. So a claim by an unknown group that no one heard of, using a fake profile on a discussion forum? Any real journalist would ignore it. But not the New York Times, which is famous for publishing absolute lies drafted by the CIA. The paper spent the whole of 2002 publishing sophisticated ‘news reports’ about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction complete with expert illustrations of alleged Iraqi weapons. One of NYT’s top reporters, Judith Miller, was discredited because she ran CIA-planted stories under her byline and went to jail in another case of harassment of a USZ diplomat and his wife who exposed USZ government lies on Iraq.

CIA Runs B.S. Story that Muslim Group claimed responsibility for Oslo Bombings - Highlighted Text - URL mentioned in the picture

The credibility of the mainstream USZ media and its links to USZ government and the CIA is an open secret. The Pakistani military has accused the New York Times of running a ‘slander campaign’ against Pakistan, its military and its spy agency at CIA’s behest. Even the Norwegian media was cautious when the NYT came up with this claim of responsibility. Norway TV did its own translation of the text and discovered there was no explicit claim of responsibility for the attack. The investigative work that reveals NYT’s professional dishonesty was done by Alexander Higgins, and published on his blog under the telling title, Corporate Media Runs False CIA Story Stating Muslim Group Claimed Responsibility For Oslo . Here we reproduce images from Mr. Higgins blog along with their original captions that tell the full story.

See how Fox News misled American viewers. some
parts of the USZ media were desperate to implicate Muslims.
Pro-war lobbies want any excuse to continue a policy of
deception and wars.


Mr. Higgins makes several interesting observations in his report. The first is that Norway is a Muslim-friendly country that has not followed the American policy of harassing its Muslim community. It is also a supporter of Palestinian rights and an independent Palestinian state. The Norwegian government has also formally apologized for a couple of local newspapers that reprinted cartoons offensive to Muslims. So unlike the propaganda in American media, Muslims have little reason to attack Norway.

NY Times Quietly Retracts CIA Lie From Norway Bombing Story After Damage Is Done
The second important observation is that while the American media continues to emphasize that the Christian extremist is anti-Islam, more important is the fact that he is pro-Israhell and a big admirer of anti-Islam writers and bloggers in the USZ. This last point is very critical because it confirms our longstanding argument that the United States of Zionism's government and in particular its main intelligence service the CIA are promoting anti-Muslim feelings inside the USZ and worldwide to continue their interventions in other countries in the name of war on terror. The anti-Pakistan propaganda worldwide is also the work of CIA and other elements of the USZ government. They have been using the same twisted methods of demonizing Pakistan that have come to the surface now after the Norway attacks.

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