Monday, 26 September 2011

Afghan Employed by United States of Zionism, Kills American Inside Kabul CIA Station: Reality Revealed

KABUL — An Afghan man employed by the U.S. government opened fire Sunday night inside the CIA station in Kabul, killing one American, a government employee, and wounding a second, officials said Monday.

“We mourn the loss of life in the incident as we mourn the loss of all life,” Sundwall said.

U.S. Embassy spokesman Gavin A. Sundwall said investigators believe the gunman acted alone. They have not yet determined what the motive may have been, he said.

The shooting comes two weeks after a 20-hour attack on the U.S. Embassy in Kabul by a team of gunmen who sprayed Kabul’s heavily guarded diplomatic compound with grenades, rockets and small-arms fire. No Americans were killed or wounded in that attack.
That attack and the recent slaying of a prominent Afghan official tasked with brokering a peace deal with the Taliban have raised concerns about the ease with which militants have carried out attacks in the heart of a capital once regarded as relatively secure.

The spokesman said the wounded American was being treated at a military hospital. His wounds were non-life-threatening, Sundwall said.

The Afghan gunman was killed in the incident.

“The embassy has resumed business operation,” the spokesman said.

Afghan officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity ,said the shooting occurred at the building that formerly housed the Arianna Hotel. The compound was taken over by the CIA in 2002, according to Afghan officials and Western private security experts.

Sundwall said he could not confirm whether the embassy annex compound where the shooting occurred is a CIA station.

An official briefed on the investigation said the Americans who were shot appear to have been “at the wrong place at the wrong time,” and not specifically targeted. The official spoke on condition of anonymity given the preliminary findings of the investigation.

The official added that the incident was over quickly, but said it took security personnel several hours to clear the rest of the compound to make sure there were no other threats.

U.S. military officials have grown increasingly worried about the threat posed by militants who have infiltrated Afghan security forces to launch attacks on NATO personnel.

Sunday’s shooting appeared to mark the first time an Afghan employed by a civilian entity of the U.S. government in Afghanistan turned on his American colleagues.


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