Monday, 19 September 2011

Akbar Bugti Committed Suicide, Not killed By Pak Army: Report

Akbar Bugti committed suicide and was not killed by the army. This fact is also proved by this statement of Bugti’s closest friend and reported in Daily Times. The propaganda is that army killed Akbar Bugti. Reality is that it is Bugti who killed officers and soldiers of Pak army when he detonated a bomb and committed suicide. Those who think that army killed him, this report is a slap on their face.

All those who are unbiased and want to know the truth understand this fact very well. The Army did not kill anyone, had they wanted to they had no need to send the officers inside the cave, a single missle would have finished the job. The fact of the matter is some elements in the media have sold their souls for US dollars and despite knowing the truth spread nonsense. To counter this nonsesne all patriotic elements must raise their voice and work on those people who are around them, this way every single patriot can work on atleast a dozen people and the cycle of truth can begin to work faster.
Truth About Our Balochistan 

Foreign Powers Have Dangerous Designs In Balochistan

‘Akbar Bugti caused the explosion that led to his death’

LAHORE: A close aide of late Baloch nationalist leader Nawab Akbar Bugti has claimed that a rocket fired by Bugti caused the explosion that led to the nationalist leader’s death. “When security forces entered the cave where he (Bugti) was hiding, he attempted to fend them off by firing a shell. This caused a massive explosion, which resulted in the cave-in that led to the death of Bugti, one colonel, two majors and three commandoes,” Wadera Muhammad Murad Bugti told a private TV channel. He said the late Bugti had decided that he would rather die fighting than surrender to the security forces. “When forces besieged his cave on August 26, 2006, he asked his comrades to leave the cave and let him fight them alone,” he added. daily times monitor

NOTE :  It is by a newspaper which is strongly anti-Musharraf and very close to Akbar Bugti. 

PakDefenceUnit : Quetta, a Pakistani city at the forefront of terrorism exported to us by foreigners in Afghanistan, trying to create linguistic & sectarian divides. Young Pakistani Baloch are the fastest growing segment of recruitment in Armed Forces of Pakistan [Sorry Brahamdagh & his Indian handler Shekhar & those backing them]

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