Monday, 12 September 2011

Exclusive News: Muslim Liberation Army hacks 21 churches sites to Raise a Voice Again "Burn Quran Day" Allah hu Akbar !!

Muslim Liberation Army at last Launches .... With the huge and biggest Explositionzzz in History [ALLAH U AKBAR]


Truth Alliance Network and 20 Churches websites hacked by 
Muslim Liberation Army
21 Sites Hacked By XtReMiSt (MLA)(Muslim Liberation Army)...

Including Truth Alliance Network and 20 Churches Sites... To Raise A Voice Against Quran Burning Day and Illegal occupation of Israel and India in Palestine and kashmir.. and to show why muslims are raising their voice against america....
Message Delievered with peace... !!!
Truth Alliance Network (24 Hour Daily Newspaper) (Shot)

Church of God of North America

First Church of God of Crystal River, Inc

Legacy Church

Kansas Ministries

First United Church of God

Church of God at Paradise Valley

First Church of God Madisonville

Treasure Valley Baptist Church

Church of God - General Director's Office

First Baptist Church Hyannis

Home of the First Church of God -- Rushville,

Meet the Pastors - First Church of God

Tampa First Church of God

South Dakota Assembly of the Church of God

Church of God of North America

Spring Ridge First Church of God

Pasadena Heights Church Of God

Macon County Health Department


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