Saturday, 10 September 2011

Exclusive Report: President Zardari tries to help Altaaf Hussain to prevent from tortured by Scotland Yard

Recently a news came that Altaaf hussain is arrested in london by Scotland yard in Imran Farooq killing case.

Imran Farooq was killed by MQM! Altaf Hussain now to face Scotland Yard. The true face of the man revealed! You can run but you cant hide.Three arrested over Imran Farooq’s murder Case.

ISLAMABAD – The murder case of MQM convener Dr Imran Farooq is nearing its conclusion as the secret agencies nabbed three suspects in Pakistan some days back, while the British police conducted raids in London on Thursday.And now president Zardari is Trying to prevent Altaaf hussain from highly tortured By Scotland Yard (London Post). Pakistani Officials such as Rehman malik is also trying his level best to release the traitor Altaaf bhai. Some of the workers of MQM try to claim to the whole nation that Altaaf hussain is under treatment in hospital. but no one know about that hospital , in which Altaaf hussain is under treatment. Even Pakistani high commissioner don't know about that hospital.
Where is Altaaf Hussain ?
Recently Zulfiqar mirza claims that if Altaaf hussain is truthful , and not arrested in London then its challenge for him to came to Pakistan, He is also ready to gave ticket to Altaaf hussain.
Sources revealed that Khalid Shamim was given the task of killing Dr Imran Farooq in London. He sought the help of a man named Hammad Siddiqi, who provided him two boys both of whom belonged to All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organisation. Khalid Shamim arranged student visas for both these boys. The two youth met an unidentified man in London who briefed them about the routine of Dr Imran, and they killed him near his house on September 16, 2010.
After the murder, both the killers left for Colombo instead of coming to Pakistan. After reaching there, they contacted the mastermind Khalid Shamim, who advised them to reach Pakistan. A secret agency recorded all the conversation between Shamim and the killers and kept the former under strict watch. Shamim had also planned to murder both these boys as soon as they would reach Karachi. 
The agencies arrested both the young killers when they reached Karachi from Colombo and shifted them to Rawalpindi whereas contacts were also made with the MQM for handing over Khalid Shamim.
Meanwhile, President Zardari and Altaf Hussain also talked about this issue wherein the latter expressed his displeasure over the issue. A high profile official of the agencies contacted Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad for the arrest of Shamim after which the latter was arrested.

Exclusive Report: Altaaf hussain arrested in London

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