Friday, 2 September 2011

Indian forces cowardly kill 3 Pakistani troops

A Pakistani soldier guards the line of control - photo

The Pakistani army said on Thursday that Indian forces cowardly opened "unprovoked" fire across the Line of Control - which divides the parts of Kashmir administered by India and Pakistan - in Neelam Valley, Reuters reported. 

"The soldiers were moving from one post to another when they came under fire. Three soldiers were killed," military Spokesman Major Gen. Athar Abbas said.

He added that Pakistani forces returned fire in retaliation, and the incident was raised with local Indian commanders.Islamabad and New Delhi have fought two wars over Kashmir since their independence from British colonial rule in 1947. The arch rivals lay claim over the whole region but control parts of it. 

India is a coward country , no doubt. thats why they attack again and again on the line of control and within different villages joining border.

On this Attack Pakistan Army shows a terrible protest in return of this coward attack.

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