Friday, 2 September 2011

Gaddafi: We will be victorious inshAllah !!

General Gaddafi is a very strong and brave embattled general in the history of Lybia.He will never surrender to the enemies of Lybia (to United States of Zionism) at any cost. Rather he want to kick out all enemies of lybia from the Land.

In a message, broadcast on TV channels on Thursday, Gaddafi urged Tripoli citizens to rebel against foreign forces. He said that all the tribes loyal to him are fully armed and would not surrender InshAllah !! .

“The colonial powers (Israhell and United states of zionism along with NATO forces) do not want Libyan people to communicate with each other and to have dialogue. That's why Libyans have been cut off communication networks,” he said. 

“They all want us to hear their colonial voice. They do not want us to raise our voice. Why are they afraid of communication if they are in full sway? They do not want the voice of truth to be heard,” the embattled dictator added 

Gaddafi further noted that colonialism is very weak and scared, calling on his supports to target foreign forces with their weapons.He said as long as Libyan people are armed they would show resistance against 'colonial powers'. 

Libya has been the scene of intense fighting between government troops and revolutionary forces, which are supported from United states of Zionism against general gaddafi, since mid-February. 

And almost all the youngsters and Lybian patriots are with Gaddafi  as a his supporters

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