Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pakistani Military Suspends Co-operation with CIA and NATO

Pakistani Military Suspends Co-operation with CIA and NATOAnglo-American Invaders of Afghanistan are apparently in deep trouble with their supply routes cut – It is hoped that the Pakistani Military’s stance is permanent and not something that can be bought. We all must remember that this stance is the price for those martyred at the Salala check post.

PKKH Editorial | M. Zainulabedin Ameer

Saturday morning had grim news for the Pakistani nation; NATO helicopters and a warplane flew in more than 2.5 kilometers into the Mohmand area of Pakistani territory and attacked a check post that had a Pakistani flag clearly visible. When the news broke, we were told that 22 soldiers were martyred while some were left struggling. While there was immediate outrage at political gatherings, few more succumbed to their wounds, bringing the death toll to 30 by late Sunday night. Meanwhile, through Saturday night the Americans apologized for the incident and promised a joint investigation.
Defending its action, NATO has claimed that the strike at the check post was in response to attacks coming from the area. This is apparently a blatant lie because the area had been freed of militancy. Possible explanations for this unprovoked attack have come from various quarters. One said that this was expected, as previously, shortly after the Raymond Davis affair, a drone strike killed 23 innocent tribal people, and that was seen as the American method of extending their thanks for letting their terrorist go free. This time, we have paid the price for removing their asset, Ambassador Haqqani. While not everyone will agree to this reasoning, one thing is for sure; the attack was no mistake, and the NATO forces intended to harm no one else but Pakistani soldiers.

The Pakistani military top leadership seems to have finally gotten fed up with the dirty intentions of the foreign forces in Afghanistan, and it appears that they want to end this relationship by taking almost immediate action in the aftermath of the attacks. However, we can’t say we haven’t seen anything like this before; Pakistan had blocked NATO supply routes when our soldiers were deliberately attacked in the past too. However, the scale of the assault on innocent Pakistani troops this time can’t be ignored, and the result of this has been intense fury on the part of the Pakistan Army accompanied by an increasingly popular and vociferous Imran Khan. Apart from the latter, even other American boot licking politicians have been compelled to crawl out and condemn the attack.

On Sunday, protests were held across the country as anti-American sentiments are being expressed. One might say that’s quite normal, but these feelings are running higher than ever, and there is an equal amount of hatred directed at our government, and rightly so; beginning with retired Gen. Musharaf and leading right up till today, these so-called leaders have continuously given in to the Anglo-American terrorists’ whims and fancies. This time, despite many ongoing issues simmering in Pakistan, the NATO attack on our Salala check post is way too much to ignore. The civilian leadership has no option but to bow down to the military’s anger, and effectively, most if not all cooperation with the CIA have been suspended.

The public welcomes the Pakistan military’s stance, and hopes that it is permanent. Although the people have been disappointed with the moves made by all leadership fronts including the military at times, we look up to General Kiyani and his men to restore sanity and dignity to this great nation.

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