Saturday, 12 November 2011

Taliban Blast NATO's Blatant Lies on Afghanistan

The  Zionist General Secretary of NATO (Anders Fogh Rasmussen) painted a false  picture about the ongoing situation in Afghanistan in his recent  conference held in Brussesls. He stressed and propagated to his allies  that the recent attacks by Taliban supposedly have some headline  grabbing element to them and that their attacks have fallen by twenty  six percent compared to last year!!

Rasmussen  depicted the attacks by Mujahideen in Afghanistan as ineffective and  pompous at a time when the current year (Badr) operations which began on  the 30th April have caused the American and NATO forces  incredible destruction militarily and economically which even some  American and western sources have described as considerably more  oriented and numerous compared to the last couple of years.

The  General Secretary of Zionist International Peace Circus, the UN, talking about the strength and operations of  Mujahideen addressed the Security Council in a report on 20 September  that this year has seen a 40% increase in Mujahideen attacks and said  that on average, there have been 2108 attacks every month from Taliban  on foreign and internal forces in the first eight months of the current  year. So what  kind of spin can the confused General Secretary of NATO give to the  grief-stricken music coming out from the bases and outposts of the  occupying troops, the cries of which awake the villages and communities  lying in 5 km radius to them every morning?

The adjacent people can only  guess from these screams and shrieks of sorrow the number of their  troops killed and the number of coffins on their way back to Bagram!

If the  General Secretary of NATO calls the potent and targeted tactic used by  Mujahideen in Badr operation, so Mujahideen and civilians can be  shielded as headline grabbing then he is contradicting all military  norms and belying the people by hiding the sun with 2 fingers. If he is  suggesting that attacks have fallen in those areas from where they and  their allies have rolled up their presence or in those where the foreign  terrorist invaders don’t come out from their bases out of fear of being hunted down  then these are successes of Mujahideen, not of NATO.

If Zionist Rasmussen likes  this type of achievement then the easy way is by reducing their presence  in more areas. Attacks will fall there as well and it will be followed  by security. And if Rasmussen and all his allies leave Afghanistan  completely then the attacks on them will reach zero and he can propagate  the notion even more and say that the number Taliban attacks have  fallen further. Fogh must never consider the Jihadi stratagem of  Mujahideen and the holing up of NATO forces as the weakening and  leveling off in Mujahideen operations but rather he should pay attention  to the proficiency and strength of such strikes like how a lone  martyrdom seeking Mujahid in Sayedabad district turned a huge American  base upside down, killing and wounding nearly two hundred soldiers.

Or,  how a courageous ‘Ghazi’ shot down a helicopter in the same district at  midnight in which 32 were killed by your own account or the tactic and  extraordinary Imaan (faith) displayed by 6 Mujahideen who shook the  garrison city of Kabul for 20 hours and fought off thousands of highly  equipped NATO, American and mercenaries of the puppet regime while at  the same time calmly targeted the important bases and buildings of the  occupying forces until all of their ammunition was expended.

Our  final suggestion to Zionist Fogh Rasmussen is that his "optimism and judgment" is Mujahideen, besides standing on the verge of victory in  the military field have also broken your backs economically and have  made great strides in the political, cultural and social arena.Our  popularity amongst the Afghans is so high and vast that now the shouts  of Jihad and independence are even echoing from inside the security  circles and army of the crumbling Kabul administration and thousands of  youth have readied themselves to quit the ranks of the hirelings and  join the Mujahideen or carry out effective operations on the terrorist invaders  from within the ranks of the army!!

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