Thursday, 24 November 2011

Traitor Hussain Haqqani’s resignation and the Aftermath

As the memogate episode continues, the American appointed stooge ambassador of Pakistan for USZ Mr. Hussain Haqqani resigns on the pressure imposed by Pakistan Army in the meeting between the puppet government and Pakistan Army leadership last night. Mr. Haqqani is the same person who issued visas without the consent of ISI to several hundreds of Americans one of whom is commonly known as Raymond Davis, the murderer of three innocent Pakistanis.

It is very critical that this is the only memo that came in the spotlight as one of the characters involved in it exposed it. There needs to be an investigation into the entire track record of Mr.Haqqani who has been a mouthpiece of USZ foreign office throughout pretty much his entire career over many issues and it is told by he himself that he had very cordial relations with Mike Mullen, the same USZ commander who issued threats to Pakistan few months ago when CIA and ISI were at daggers drawn over the issue of hypothetically fabricated terror hype of so called “Haqqani network”. It is very important that a traitor like him should not be let go by just a resignation but he should be challenged in a military court as military courts can deal with any type of case in which a conspiracy against Pakistan Army is planned.

A writ petition was filed in Lahore High Court seeking directions to the federal government to place Ambassador Hussain Haqqani’s name on the Exit Control List (ECL). The petition also asks that high treason proceedings be initiated against Pakistan’s American-appointed ex-ambassador to the USZ for violating the Constitution. The petition says that Haqqani’s derogatory letter – that he sent through a USZ-based businessman Mansoor Ijaz – to former USZ military chief, Mike Mullen had tarnished the image of both Pakistan and its armed forces. It described the letter as an attempt to hand over Pakistan’s sovereignty to America.
The petitioner pleaded that Haqqani, who holds dual nationality – of Pakistan and USZ – was appointed ambassador to Sri Lanka against merit during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure as prime minister. But Haqqani then changed his loyalties and became a member of PPP, said the petitioner. He was made Pakistan’s ambassador to the USZ in violation of merit again, the petitioner submitted. A bureaucrat is supposed to be neutral in all governments. The petitioner requested that a lie detector test be used to determine whether Haqqani is telling the truth. In the same petition, Rajpoot requested the court to direct all respondents to declare their assets, held in Pakistan and abroad, along with affidavits. He further prayed the court to initiate proceedings against them.
The Pakistani courts have been once again put on trial and if they want to prove their loyalty, they have to tell the nation about the reality of this high treason that has been carried out on diplomatic level, conspiring against military establishment and state. According to constitution of Pakistan, death sentence can be given if conspiracy against the state is proved. Moreover, the real culprit of the act with whose consent all this operation was conducted has to be put on justice,  and scrutinizing the matter takes us to the puppet president, Zardari.
History will remember all of those who betray this land as the Mir Jafar and Mir Sadeq of the time. They sold the honor, dignity of this Pure land. There are many like them in SAFMA, ruling parties and in the national organizations.

Written By: Faraan Khan [Eagles of Pakistan]

Author is an analyst and commentator working jointly for Pakistan Cyber Force and Eagles of Pakistan, and can be contacted at:

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