Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pakistan Successfully Tested FM 90 Air Defense Missile System 11 may 2015

Chief of the Army staff (COAS) Gen Raheel Sharif witnesses of testing of firing ranges of FM-90 Missile defense system near Karachi, its recently inducted in PakArmy.

The new system have a capability of all weather, surface to air missile to engage aerial target including cruise missile, drones and air to surface guided missiles. It can operate under adverse elcectronic counter measures (ECM) enviornments.

The FM-90 Air Defense system missile have capability to engage multiple targets at the same time, thus enhancing the defense capability of Pakistan, both in range and accuracy. Army chief congratulated and appreciated the training standards being achieved, and improvement in technology by the scientists. Addressing to the officers and troops he emphasised the importance of Air Defence in warfare and need of continous up-gradation of equipment.

On his arrival at the firing ranges, Gen Raheel Sharif was received by Army Air Defence Command Commander Lieutenant General Zahid Latif Mirza.

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