Sunday, 22 April 2012

Three more US agents quit over sex scandal

A sex scandal by US Secret Service agents in Colombia has forced three more agents to resign, bringing the number of people who have lost their jobs to six.

The latest casualties of the incident “have chosen to resign,” spokesman for the Secret Service Paul Morrissey said on Friday.

The agents have been accused of bringing prostitutes to their hotel in the Caribbean resort of Cartagena.

The incident happened on April 11 before US President Barack Obama’s arrival to participate in last weekend’s Summit of the Americas.

The US military announced earlier that it was investigating 11 service members linked to the scandal.

However, a twelfth member of the protection agency has now been implicated in the incident.

Morrissey said one member of the Secret Service group has been “cleared of serious misconduct but will face appropriate administrative action.”

The Secret Service said in a statement that it will continue “to conduct a full, thorough and fair investigation, utilizing all investigative techniques available to our agency."

The service members are required to remain at their home stations until the investigation is complete.

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