Sunday, 22 July 2012

Dams, Pakistan's basic Need

According to the present situation of Pakistan in power sector, Dams construction are the basic need. and due to low power more then 12-14 hours loadsheding has ruin the economy of our beloved country. We should demand to our government to make dams at all costs for the betterment of Pakistan.

As far as Tarbela dam is concerned, Pakistan has the second largest dam in the world by structural volume and World's largest earth filled dam.

It was completed in 1974. The dam is 485 feet (148 m) high above the riverbed. The dam forms the Tarbela Reservoir, with a surface area of approximately 250-square-kilometre.

If kalabagh dam constructed then we will have power at cost reduce to 1 rupee per unit, which is 9 times less then present costs of electricity power units. Also according to scientists and experts sindh will never be disadvantage with the construction of kalabagh dam, beside this they will also avail benifits due to the stock of water and we will also reserve water during flood situation and use it in own way.

Share this to spread awareness and to awake up our sleeping nation. Media will never show this because our media is fifth columnist enemy paid filthy media which always want to ruin pak armed forces , ISI , Pakistan and even Islam. so share it to give slap to our filthy media. JzakAllah khair inshALLah !

(Prince Ahsan)

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