Sunday, 29 July 2012

ILLuminati Card Games and Upcoming planned Disasters such as 9/11

Ever heard about ‘Illuminati Card Game 1995′? The Illuminati Card Game … It is amazing that the game, released in 1995, shows many images of disasters, happened after 1995.

Some examples are given in the attached cards.

Note that the "Combined Disasters" Card shows Big Ben of London falling with a disaster...And you will be shocked to note that the 5 people who are running, wearing 5 colors of Olympics Rings ..

Are they going to play another Illuminati card?

The point we are making here is that events are being planned by the enemies and Zionists but we have to prepare and respond to the threats. The Zionists are on a full global war now against Muslims. Syria is the main battle field for now. 

There are reasons why Rasul Allah (sm) has warned Muslims of such fitnahs. If you see those signs, take precautions. If you do not see those sign, it means that those tests are not for your time but for future people. It does not mean that the spiritual knowledge given in Hadees is wrong. 

The Ramazan 15th Friday event could be a massive blast in Syria or in London or in any Muslim land which would throw up lots of dust and radioactive cloud as Rasul Allah (sm) has asked Muslims to stay indoors in those times. We will know soon as Olympics are going on and 15th of Ramazan is coming on Friday and a war is going on in Syria and Zionists plan a massive war against Muslims. So do not panic and stand firm to face what comes our way. If these times pass in khair, good for us. If enemies plan a fitnah, then do not panic. Rasul Allah (sm) has foretold us of these events. Khair inshAllah.

(Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid)

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